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Our time volunteering in Costa Rica during  January 2012, allowed us to take part in animal welfare projects around the country. Here is a brief overview of our project as put together by filmmaker Keira Austin. The benefit of volunteering as an International Student Volunteer was that at the end of our two week conservation project we were treated to a two week adventure tour of the country!

Click here to watch a full 15 minute documentary of our time as environmental conservationists.


  1. A two week tour at the end? Wow! I bet you would’ve gone volunteering without that treat as well, but that sure was a treat:)

    • I was sold as soon as I heard the project included a two week adventure tour!

  2. I wish I had done more of this before I had kids. What an amazing experience!

    • It really was an amazing experience – I would highly recommend it for your kids when they get older :)

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