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Be There Before Bond

The announcement of a new James Bond film always brings with it speculation about a multitude of subjects. What will he drive? Who’s playing the baddie? Where in the world will 007’s next adventure take him?

These questions and more were answered recently when details of new movie Spectre were unveiled. So why wait until everyone sees the locations on screen and starts chatting about them then? Grab your currency card and give Bond a run for his money (penny) by checking out these fantastic locations now.

Spectre already has film fans buzzing with anticipation due to a title that indicates a throwback to classic Bond and a strong cast that includes the likes of Christoph Waltz and Lea Seydoux alongside, of course, Mr Daniel Craig.

In perhaps the biggest coup though, producers have lined up what could be one of the most exciting travel plans yet for Britain’s foremost secret agent.

On the city front we have three global locations that instantly conjure up their own unique brands of hustle and bustle. Mexico City is one of the world’s most heavily populated cities – sitting joint third in the population index alongside Sao Paolo and Mumbai with around 21 million urban inhabitants.

Who knows what scrapes Bond could find himself in while spending time in this vast metropolis – with its long and fascinating history, and its modern status as one of North America’s most important financial centres.

007 is no stranger to Italy but we are yet to see him venture into its historic capital Rome – Spectre will rectify this glaring gap in his travel diary. The city has no shortage of cool bars and elegant restaurants fit for a superspy and if rumours are to be believed, we may see a thrilling car chase through its narrow streets.

The Moroccan port city of Tangier offers more Bond-esque backdrops than you could shake a stick at. From the landmarks of the Old Town to the seaside resorts and industrial port the possibilities are endless for high octane Mediterranean action.

Meanwhile if cities aren’t quite your thing, the beautiful Austrian Alps have been confirmed as a location too. Air as fresh as it comes and stunning mountain scenery await and who knows – you may see a certain someone skiing by or landing with a union jack parachute!

With your travel mission planned there is no need to bother Q for a fancy credit card – multi currency cash cards can help you make payments overseas with no fuss.

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