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Hipmunk City Love: Attractions for the Trendy Tourist in Singapore

This article is part of the Hipmunk #CityLove Project

The trendiest new hotspot in South East Asia, Singapore has become an urban playground for the trendy tourist and travel connoisseur. With an abundance of nightlife, a passion for fine dining and remarkable architectural design, Singapore has fast become South East Asia’s trendiest place to play!

Many of the rich and famous flock here, and celebrity sightings are a commonplace.  There are attractions for everyone when it comes to sightseeing and entertainment, and the city puts on a food scene which will satisfy every palette.

If you consider yourself a trendy tourist, Singapore is definitely the place to play – the following attractions are all the rage.

Gardens by the Bay Singapore

Chateaux Singapore

Singapore may be a small island, though the city takes the phrase “nightlife” to a whole new level. Taking on a completely different persona once the sun sets, the city offers a diverse and vibrant nightlife like no other. Whether you’re after dance clubs, bars and lounges or a looking for a casual wine to chill, there is plenty of choice.

Chateaux Singapore is a local hot-spots and the most elegant and sophisticated on the clubbing scene. A veteran three-story club which has been all the rage for almost a decade, there is no cover charge, though reservations for the alfresco rooftop bar should be made ahead of time so you don’t miss out.


An Italian restaurant serving the best Italian food and wine, Capricci is one of the hottest restaurants on the island.

A fine dining experience by Massimo Squaro, Capricci is known for the best authentic pizza in Singapore, superb service with a personal touch, and off-menu dishes which the chef will prepare upon request. The wine selection is affordable and there is a wonderful buffet spread available for lunch.

Grand Hyatt Singapore

Peppers Silo Hotel Review

A favorite among locals and international travelers alike, Mezza Nine at the Grand Hyatt Singapore offers nine individual dining experiences and a multitude of culinary delights.

A lifestyle restaurant allowing diners to choose from the steam basket, grill, wok, deli counter, seafood, Thai, sushi, yakitori, or patisserie counter, guests can choose to sit in any area of the restaurant and bar, and even with a 400 seat capacity it is one of the most buzzing Singapore bars.

The martini bar is well-known for offering the largest selection of martinis on the island.

Marina Bay Sands

One of the most iconic landmarks on the island, Marina Bay Sands is world-famous, and one of the trendiest attractions to see.

Designed by award-winning architect Moshe Safdie of Vegas, Marina Bay is a hotel and convention center which includes a range of shopping and entertainment including a full service mall, restaurant, casino and theatre.

International visitors should ride to the top for spectacular 360 degree views from the Sky Park  – the only way to view the island.

Cartier, Giorgi Armani

Shopping is a trendy sport in Singapore, and Orchard Road is the island’s equivalent of 5th Avenue and Rodeo Drive. Shop for famous brand names, though leave enough room in your wallet to dig deep – everything comes with a steep price!

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