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International Intoxication: Advice On Getting Drunk Abroad

It’s happened to the best of us – one too many drinks in a foreign country, and then next thing you know you’re letting girlfriends cut your hair after finishing a whole bottle of absinthe. Or stumbling through a park in the Czech Republic at 10am the next morning, trying to find your hostel, only to be approached by a creepy middle aged man asking for your “rate”.

Getting drunk abroad can often be a recipe for disaster. You’re in a foreign country, potentially with little knowledge of the local language, customs and laws, with people you may have only just met, and it’s very likely you have no idea where you’re staying.

But drinking while socializing is the norm in most parts of the world. From the beer gardens of Munich, to the Guinness factories in Ireland, and local pubs across Britain and Australia, discovering local drinks is one of the best parts of traveling. Like anything though, you should know your limits, and drink within reason. Abuse of alcohol abroad makes my list of the 5 biggest mistakes made while traveling; don’t make it one of yours.

Every Sunday travelers from all over the world get together on twitter to discuss everything travel – a recent topic was “International Intoxication”.

If alcoholism is an issue, please seek help, no matter where you are abroad. There are fantastic facilities which offer individualized treatment all over the world, like this drug rehab in Thailand

Here is some advice on getting drunk abroad from trending travelers on twitter.

Is drinking abroad a good idea?

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View the full chat transcript courtesy of Travelogx.

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Megan is an Australian Journalist who has been travelling and blogging since 2007, with the main aim of inspiring others to embark on their own worldwide adventure. Her husband Mike is an American travel photographer, and together they have made the world their home.

Committed to bringing you the best in adventure travel from all around the globe, there is no mountain too high, and no fete too extreme! They haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on their list.

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  1. Sometimes the best stories are the ones you don’t remember :o

    • Sadly the photos often live to tell the tales lol!

  2. All great advice. I’ve only gotten passed out drunk once while abroad. I was actually in Puerto Rico, woke up the following morning passed out at the front door of some locals house. Wandered the streets for nearly an hour looking for my hostel. Needless to say my friends had no idea what happened and luckily nothing bad occurred to me during my drunken slumber. One thing’s for sure, I’ll never do that again!

    • Too bad they didn’t feed you breakfast as well as providing their doorstep for you for the night :D! Thankfully it turned out ok – great story though!

  3. Love this! This was one of my very favorite travel chats :)

    • It was one of the best! Thanks for the great contributions!

  4. Great #SBTC Meg. I used to be a party girl. At home when I was younger I knew my way around and was confident that I could look after myself when a little tipsy. When you’re in unfamiliar territory you’re vulnerable, and as I’ve made my home the open road I ensure that I have my whits about me when I’m out on the town late at night.

    • I also used to be a party girl – I think I consumed enough alcohol during my gap year in Europe to last me a lifetime though so I’ve calmed down a lot since!! Definitely vulnerable when in unfamiliar territory – I’m very fortunate that nothing tragic happened as I was drunkenly making my way around the UK and Europe!!

  5. Hofbrauhaus is such a GREAT place to drink in Munich! Though the pretzel girl did once call me an a$%hole there. It was a combination of mine and her fault ;) The Augustiner beer hall in Much is really solid too- better food than Haufbrauhaus.

    But yeah, for most drinking gives you an insight into the locals that you might not get otherwise- though be sure to hit some local bars! :)

    • It was phenomenal fun lol although I didn’t have into any run-ins with the waitresses – sounds like a fun story though!!

      Will have to hit the Augustiner beer hall when we head back – would really love to be in Munich for Oktoberfest one year :)

  6. I know a man who once started drinking in Colombia and woke in Ecuador, after hearing this story I try not to get drunk while I travel lol

    • Lol that’s an amazing story! I wonder if he ever figured out what actually happened that night … or if he would want to know :D!

  7. In my opinion, sharing one or two drinks with locals can be a helpful social lubricant whereas getting drunk is more of an escape and not beneficial. I think it is important to be aware that travelers represent their country and culture when they are abroad.

    • Completely agree with everything you said. It took me a few years to realize the same – that getting drunk isn’t beneficial, but I finally got there!!

      And we really do represent our country when traveling abroad. It’s very easy to fall into bad stereotypes.

  8. Sounds like it was a great #SBTC! I think as long as you are able to handle yourself, are respectful and know your limits, drinking abroad is fine. I had to take care of a couple friends once after they went a bit overboard, and it was a nightmare! Practically had to carry them back to the hotel among many other thingsnot the best night, lol :)

    • It was a really fun one! Sadly I was that nightmare for the better half of my first year abroad – but you’re right – I then tried to handle friends in the same state one night and it went a long way to opening my eyes!!

  9. Although I never drink alcohol (neither red wine and I know it’s crazy) I will pass it on to Cez as he loves to get drunk on the road :).

    • At least he always has a designated driver – clever man lol! We rarely drink alcohol anymore either; I guess we’ve just grown out of it, plus my body can’t handle drunken nights anymore – I enjoy waking up and feeling great each morning :D!!

  10. Great Advice

    • Thanks Wesley! Safe travels :)

  11. The 1 liter Maß at the Hofbrauhaus got me as well!

    • It can be deadly lol!

  12. I think it depends on the person. I tend to keep a relatively even head even when I’m drunk. I mean, I don’t go jumping over ropes of fires or jumping off cliffs. However, I just try to stick to a few drinks. I don’t spend money traveling just to forget half of the nights!

    • Absolutely depends on the person – you’re lucky lol I don’t keep an even head when I’m drunk – I become very tipsy and deliriously happy/flirtatious lol. Made for interesting nights on my gap year abroad way back when :P

      But absolutely – it really comes down to why would you want to forget the night when you paid that much to make the travel experience happen in the first place!

  13. Hi, great blog Megan, Keep it up!

    • Thanks Wouter :) So glad you’re enjoying it! Have a wonderful weekend. Meg.

  14. No good story ever started ‘I was having a salad’…

    • Lol too true sir!

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