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Authored by Carla Jonas

If your ideal vacation includes stunning views, luxurious overwater bungalows, and adventure opportunities, this gorgeous place is the ultimate traveling destination.

We’re talking about no other than French Polynesia. The place that satisfies both thrill and tranquility seekers. From the turquoise waters of Bora Bora to the magical Tahiti, French Polynesia is a definite bucket list destination.

Set on having the vacation of a lifetime in this gorgeous location? Then check out these three must-do activities for the adventurous traveler!

Three Adventurous Things to Do on Your Next Trip to French Polynesia

Visit the Magic Mountain of Moorea

Mooréa Island

Visiting the Magic Mountain is considered one of the top things to do on the volcanic South Pacific island of Moorea. Regardless of whether you hike or take a ride up the hill, one thing is for sure: the amazing views are worth it.

If you’re planning on taking a hike, make sure to pack lots of water. You’ll be climbing for about 2 hours in considerable heat! If you prefer a ride, opt for one of the popular ATV tours (but be prepared for an adventurous, bumpy ride).

Once you’re on top of the hill, enjoy the amazing panoramic views, perfect for an Instagram-worthy photo opp. The abundant, lush vegetation and the emerald green landscape are breathtaking.

Also, the vibrantly blue waters are all mesmerizingly gorgeous. So, enjoy them to the fullest by having a picnic on top of the hill. And, if you’re lucky, you might even spot a whale.

Above image credit: dany13

Enjoy the Tahitian Pearl Diving Experience

Diving Dive water swim RF

Once you’ve enjoyed the majestic views of the Magic Mountain, it’s time to move to the largest island of French Polynesia: Tahiti.

Some of the top things to do in Tahiti include taking long walks on the waterfront, visiting its Water Gardens, as well as its temples and cathedrals. But if you are looking for something more adventurous, there’s nothing better than the unique Tahitian pearl diving experience.

Your adventure will start at a pearl farm, in the middle of the turquoise waters. Step one of the process: a brief introduction on how the Tahitian black pearls are grown and extracted.

Next, you will dive in a blue lagoon, where you can find your own locally cultivated pearl.

About Tahitian Black Pearls

Tahiti Black Pearl

While they might be called that, Tahitian black pearls aren’t actually pure black. In fact, they come in a wide range of colors. From dark gold to eggplant and peacock, green to iridescent blue. Each shade carries a unique, mesmerizing beauty.

Harvesting oysters is definitely one of the top activities for the adventure seekers! However, many travelers and professional pearl divers agree that finding a Grade A or Grade B pearl is no easy feat.

But once they are found, they make for some of the most gorgeous iridescent pearl bracelets and necklaces in the world. Moreover, many near-flawless Tahitian pearls are used in crafting the trendiest masterpiece: the engagement pearl ring.

Above image credit: Brocken Inaglory

The Cost

If you’re interested in pearl diving, make sure to save around $500 for the whole experience.

While it might be a little pricey, with a little luck, you might just find a pearl that’s truly exquisite. That could have a value of a few thousand dollars.

The highlight of it all: you will never find a more precious souvenir to bring home than a stunning, hand-picked pearl.

Feed Sharks and Stingrays in Bora Bora

Shark RF

You took the ultimate selfie on top of the Magic Mountain and you went pearl diving in Tahiti. What’s next on the adventure seeker’s list: no other than Bora Bora.

With its magical coral gardens and infinite snorkeling opportunities, you can never go wrong with a visit to Bora Bora. But if you are not one to shy away from a little adrenaline, there’s no better fit than an exciting shark and stingray cruise on the azure waters.

The most popular way to enjoy Bora Bora’s most exciting fauna: hop on a boat for a Bora Bora lagoon cruise to observe stingrays and black-tip reef sharks. But if you still need your adrenaline fix, there’s an even more exciting opportunity to follow.

Grab your snorkel and your mask and jump in the water. The guide will introduce you to the (very hungry and not very timid) stingrays and sharks. And if you are all about maximizing the adventure opportunities in Bora Bora, complete your trip with an exciting underwater scooter ride!


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Carla Jonas is a writer at one of the biggest pearl jewelry retailers in the world – The Pearl Source. Carla loves sharing anything and everything about jewelry and fashion as well as spread positive energy!


  1. This is the dream ❤❤❤

    • And it doesn’t disappoint!

  2. Where is this place?

    • Hi Santiago, French Polynesia is around 118 islands in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean. It’s very remote and isolated, north-east of Australia and Fiji :)

  3. We stayed at the Four Seasons Bora Bora for our honeymoon and wow! This is no standard 5*, this is a whole new experience! The service is amazing, we adored our bungalow facing the mountain of Bora Bora. The food was excellent in all the restaurant we tried. There are so many small attentions.

    It is not really easy, or cheap, to go outside the hotel (1 or 2 boats a day for something like 40-50$/pers) but is it really necessary?

    • One of my life goals to stay at the Four Seasons at some stage! So glad you had a fabulous experience Francois :)

  4. Oh wow Moorea Island looks incredible! Like some type of lost world!

    • Doesn’t it just! More beautiful than in my wildest dreams!

  5. What is the major island in French Polynesia?

    • Hi Jack, Tahiti is the largest island :)

  6. Bora Bora is beautiful, don’t get me wrong. But it kind of feels like visiting a Thai island: beautiful but crowded with tourists.

    • I agree, it definitely takes away from the magic of a place when you have to share it with large crowds. Thankfully there are 117 other amazing less visited islands to visit in the archipelago though :D

  7. Sofitel Moorea is one of the finest hotels I have ever stayed at. I have stayed at many five-star hotels around the world and this is one of my favorites. The snorkeling is amazing — just walk a few steps in the water and a glorious world underneath the waves is at your feet. We stayed in the two-bedroom villa, which a great deal for a family.

    • Thanks for the tip Geldolph, I’ll make a note for when we have the chance to plan another trip :) So glad you had a fabulous experience!

  8. Sounds like so much fun! I had assumed it was more of a relaxing type of vacation in these parts, so it’s cool to know there’s plenty to keep you active. Unique experiences too.

    • Absolutely Sharon, it can be as relaxing or adventurous as you want it to be :)

  9. Is Fiji in the French Polynesian islands?

    • Hi Brunelli, Fiji is further west, close to Australia. The French Polynesian Islands are a lot more isolated and remote :)

  10. Moorea looks like magic. Seriously amazing photo – drone shot?

    • I’m thinking probably from a plane – dany13 on Flickr took it :)

  11. If you’re heading back you should visit Fakarava next time. Adventure wise it has some of the world’s most amazing scuba diving, and it’s definitely one one of the best-kept secrets in French Polynesia. You can do the swimming with sharks here too in Alibaba Canyon but it’s a lot less touristy and crowded than the islands you mention here.

    • Thanks for the tip Marcel – sounds fantastic!! I haven’t actually learnt how to scuba before, I’ll have to get on that!

  12. That first island looks like the real Jurassic Park.

    • Doesn’t it! Truly out of this world :)

  13. Are drones allowed to film my vacation?


    • Hi Mirzadeh, it will depend on the island and hotel you’re with, so best to ask in advance as you’re making your hotel bookings. Hotels generally don’t mind so long as you’re not violating any-ones privacy, which often with the overwater bungalows might be tricky. But best to double check with them directly and they’ll have the most up to date info as well :)

  14. Yes for our honeymoon. One of our best holidays. It’s so beautiful!

    • Possibly the best honeymoon location in the world! What a memorable way to start your life together!

  15. My husband would love this!

    • Definitely a fantastic region for a couples retreat!

  16. Bora Bora !!! What a wonderful place !!!

    • Glad you had a fabulous time too!

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