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Hipmunk Hotels: Adventure in the Midwest (Detroit, Saint Louis, Columbus, and more)

America’s midwest has a lot to offer those traveling in search of adventure. A region of the U.S. known as “America’s Heartland,” this is a combination of eight states with biking and trails that wind through a diverse representation of landscapes, ziplines that soar above them, and cultural experiences at every turn.

Opportunities for adventure in the Midwest can be found in Detroit, Saint Louis, Columbus, and more.

Akron, Ohio

Scenic hikes are the best way to seek adventure in Akron, and Portage Lakes State Park is a one of the best for hiking in the state. Here there are eight lakes for fishing and boating; Turkeyfoot Lake has a 900-foot beach perfect for swimming, making it a fantastic place to cool off after your hike.

The four trails here are the Planet Walk Trail, Rabbit Hill Trail, Shoreline Trail, and Pheasant Run Loop.

Photo CC by ScottElliottSmithson

Detroit, Michigan

For those seeking outdoor adventure in Detroit, the Outdoor Adventure Center (OAC) offers a taste of Michigan’s great outdoors right in the heart of the city.

The center is set up in the Historic Globe building on Detroit’s riverfront, perfectly positioned with the Dequindre Cut Trail running through the back. There are exciting outdoor adventures such as fishing, mountain biking, and snowmobiling and hands-on exhibits where you can explore the canopy of a huge bur oak tree or jump onboard a real plane.

For accommodations close to the riverfront, consider booking at the Crown Plaza Detroit Downtown Riverfront.

Columbus, Ohio

Columbus provides a great stage for food adventures, and from a walking tour that includes artisan chefs and local cuisine to one that hits the city’s most colorful taco trucks, there is something for every foodie here.

While most Columbus hotels will have fantastic restaurants on site (i.e., the Hilton Columbus Downtown), be sure to venture out and explore the culinary scene.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Photo CC by musicanys

The opportunities for adventure in Sioux Falls are endless, including hot air ballooning, skydiving, paintball, go karts, and the wild water west water park.

You can also attend a real Native American powwow. South Dakota is home to more than 50,000 descendants from the Great Sioux Nation, and today the Sioux culture is celebrated through tribal festivities and a number of major powwows. These are usually held from May through to early October and are vibrant celebrations of color and sound, with dancing to drums and chanting while wearing elaborate Native clothing and headdresses.

Saint Louis, Missouri

One of the top adventures in Saint Louis is the Go Ape Creve Coeur Park. The first and only treetop adventure in Missouri, the adventure course is just minutes from downtown St. Louis, within easy reach of most city hotels.

In the beautiful Upper Creve Coeur Park, this is more than just a canopy tour. It includes rope ladders, exciting crossings, tarzan swings, and the first skateboard zip line in the Midwest! It blends in beautifully within the landscape of Creve Coeur park, one of the most visited parks in St. Louis County.

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