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The Advantages of Timeshare Ownership

Timeshares have changed a lot over the past several decades. Previously, prospective buyers were brought in with free vacations and then they were offered a timeshare at the location they were visiting for a specific time each year. While this was ideal for many consumers, the options now available are far more enticing.

Owners have greater schedule and location flexibility in choosing when and where they will visit each year. Some companies have implemented a point system that offers even more advantages. All of the changes have made owning a timeshare a better investment than ever before.

Schedule Flexibility and Locations

Traditional timeshare arrangements allow a person to purchase a specific location at a set time every year or every other year. There are usually ways to make exchanges for different locations, different times of year at the same location, or a different time of year and different location.

Purchasing a timeshare in Florida or Hawaii may be initially appealing because of the beauty of the settings, but people typically want to visit more than one location over their lifetime. The ability to visit different locations is another reason timeshares have been gaining popularity.

When one combines the cost of using a timeshare with tricks for booking cheap flights, it is possible to visit fantastic destinations at a fraction of the cost of booking a hotel.

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The Points System

Points memberships offer the benefits of owning a specific timeshare plus many more. Memberships typically give the owner a specific number of points each year that can be used or banked for future use. A menu of options is provided and updated regularly that show how many points are needed for specific locations at different times throughout the year.

This allows members to choose exactly when and where they want to go each year without the need to negotiate or wonder about the value of their timeshare in comparison to the value of a location they may wish to visit.

The points system has become so popular that some companies like Allied Solution Group now work exclusively with points. This is especially beneficial for buyers who want maximum flexibility. The ability to purchase extra points and to use those points for other expenses such as flights, cruises, and car rentals makes this an attractive option.

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Investment Opportunity

Timeshares are a great investment. They allow owners to visit some of the most popular destinations in the world at a fraction of the cost. As the cost of hotels, resorts, and rental homes continue to increase it makes sense to purchase something that will allow you to have a reliable vacation budget. If looked at as an investment for personal use, it is important to recognize that the majority of the benefits will come from actually using it regularly.

In many instances, owners are also able to sublet their timeshare if they are not able to use it during a particular year. This can cover the expenses for the year and may even provide additional income. For physical properties, it is possible that there may be tax benefits. However, if the property is to be used as a source of income owners typically have to forgo personal use which is part of the fun.

Timeshare ownership has come a long way since they first began. They are more flexible and give owners much more freedom. Points memberships have further increased the level of freedom and flexibility enjoyed by members.

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