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Travel Bucket List

We are slowly crossing experiences off our travel bucket list as we make our way around the world.  Do you have any other epic additions to suggest?  Contact us or leave a suggestion below!

Anything in blue we have written posts on, so click through to read about our adventures! 


  1. Antarctica!!
  2. Attend La Tomatina in Spain (Tomato fight!)
  3. Attend Mardi Gras
  4. Attend the Berlin Love Parade
  5. Bungee jump
  6. Camp in the Amazon Rain Forest
  7. Celebrate New Years in Times Square
  8. Climb to Everest base camp
  9. Destination wedding
  10. Discover Machu Picchu
  11. Discover Pompeii
  12. Explore Venice
  13. Eat pizza in Italy
  14. Experience the salt flats in Bolivia
  15. Explore Afghanistan
  16. Fall in love abroad
  17. Fly first class – just once!
  18. Fold 1000 paper cranes and hang them in Hiroshima
  19. Get on a trip to the Moon!
  20. Get to Easter Island
  21. Go on an African Safari
  22. Go volcano boarding
  23. Go whale-watching in Alaska
  24. Germany for Oktoberfest and drink beer with the locals
  25. Hike the Camino De Santiago
  26. Hike the Cinque Terre in Italy
  27. Hike the Great Wall of China
  28. Immigrate to a different country
  29. Learn to pilot a plane
  30. Look for Nessie in Loch Ness
  31. Plant a tree
  32. Ride in a hot air balloon
  33. Sail around the Caribbean
  34. Sail the Galapagos Islands
  35. Scuba Dive
  36. Scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef
  37. See the Aurora Borealis
  38. See the cherry blossoms in Japan
  39. See the Pyramids of Giza
  40. See the Seven Wonders of the World
  41. See the temples in Angkor Wat
  42. Shave for a cure
  43. Sing pub songs with the locals in Ireland
  44. Skydive
  45. Sleep beneath the stars in the Sahara Desert
  46. Sleep under the stars in the Serengeti National Park
  47. Spend a night in a Medieval castle in the UK
  48. Start a kickass travel blog
  49. Stay in a hut over the ocean
  50. Stay in a Japanese capsule hotel
  51. Summit Mt Kilimanjaro
  52. Swim in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland
  53. Swim to the edge of an infinity pool
  54. Swim with Manatees in Florida
  55. Swim with sharks
  56. Swim with whale sharks in Australia
  57. Take the trans Mongolian Express
  58. Visit Bhutan
  59. Visit Iguazu Falls
  60. Visit North Korea
  61. Visit the Grand Canyon
  62. Visit the Olympics… somewhere
  63. Visit the Taj Mahal
  64. Visit the Yangtze River
  65. Tattooed by Whang Od
  66. Visit Tibet
  67. Volunteer in a third world country
  68. Watch the Running of the bulls in Spain
  69. White water raft
  70. See the Monarch Butterfly’s migration in Santa Barbara, CA
Machu Picchu

Discovering Machu Picchu

Skydiving in Switzerland!

Skydiving in Switzerland!

The summit of Mt Kilimanjaro!

The summit of Mt Kilimanjaro!

Volunteering in a third world country.

Volunteering in a third world country.

Bungee Jumping in Costa Rica!

Bungee Jumping in Costa Rica!

Stay overnight in a Medieval Castle in the United Kingdom!

Stay overnight in a Medieval Castle in the United Kingdom!

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    • Thanks Jessica! What an amazing honor!

  1. I just added a few for myself here!

    • My list is ever growing :D

  2. how about attend a Native American pow wow in the united states?

    • Will have to add this to our list! Never been to one – pass Indian Reservations all the time driving through Florida but will have to stop and check them out!! Thanks :)

  3. Hi Meg & Mike, your site is awesome! I just found it as I entered a post on Webjet’s Blogger Sydney page too. It’s funny as we share a similar story. I am British and met my boyfriend Steve (who’s Australia) in India and we have been travelling for the last 3 years together. We’ve just come back from a trip through Africa and are based in Sydney for a while to save more money. There’s just so much to see out there! When you go back into the 9-5 world, you forget there are still people like you out there. It’s a very comforting thought as a lot of people just don’t get the travelling bug. It’s a shame really. Anyway, thanks for sharing your travels!

    • Hi Annabel! Thanks for your message – I’m so glad you enjoy our site!

      We do indeed have a lot in common! So fantastic that your long distance relationship also worked out – it’s amazing when it all just falls into place. And very cool that you found both a partner and a travel buddy lol I’ve always thought that travel will either completely make or break a relationship, and if you can travel well with someone, it’s a match for life!

      Hold onto that insane sense of wanderlust – there’s always more world to discover after you’ve saved up the money again. We’re thinking we’ll probably head back into a 9-5 at some point soon – the money won’t last forever :D! There will always be nomads out there roaming the globe; feel free to reach out if you ever want to share stories!!

      Safe and happy travels, and happy holidays!


    • Lol ours is constantly growing as well – we get one item crossed off, and another 2 appear … it’s a bit of a never ending cycle really :D!

      Wicked video – looks like the GoPro came in really handy! Would love to have gotten that close to elephants – would have been such an amazing experience! Here’s to an even better 2015 and killing off more of that bucket list :)

  4. What a long list! We travel addicts make, remake, edit and add more on to our list – don’t we?! LOL

    • It doubles by the day :D!

  5. Hi Megan, love your bucket list. I have visited New Orleans for Mardi Gras several times. I would recommend going to Mobile, AL as well since that is where Mardi Gras originated. You will love New Orleans. I have some posts on what to do around NOLA. Here is my bucket list:

    • Thanks for the tip Lina! We drove through Mobile earlier in the year actually and really loved the vibe. I think I might just swap out the NOLA Mardi Gras for the parade in Mobile in that case! Heading over to your bucket list now – I love checking out what other people have on theirs too; thanks for the link!

  6. Suggestions: See the Monarch Butterfly’s migration in Santa Barbara, CA

    • Thanks Jamie! That’s a brilliant suggestion – adding it to the list now :)

  7. waaahh you need to do the aurora borealis soonest sweetie! its an amazing amazing AMAZING experience!

    I have yet to do Machu Pichu, target 2017! For my list i have crossed out Speak a new language, just learned French last year. May I suggest this to you?

    • I know, I can’t wait!! Aurora borealis is like #1 on my list at the moment, so hoping I can make it happen soon.

      You’ll love Machu Pichu, such a spectacular place. When you do book to go also include Huayna Picchu in your ticket – it’s the mountain which you can climb behind MP and it looks down over the ruins – the most spectacular views!

      I’ll add learning French to the list for this year!

      Thanks Carla! Happy travels :)

  8. Great bucketlist. I love the inspiration that i get from it.
    I live in Amsterdam near flower park Keukenhof and the tulip fields.
    Every Spring lots of visitors enjoy the amazing colors of the flowers.

    Bye, Marco

    • Thanks Marco :) I’ve heard about the tulip fields in the Netherlands, and would love to visit them at some stage. What a beautiful time Spring must be for you!

      Happy travels!

  9. That was great !my bucket list is up on my site too. Do check out my blogging site, I’m a teen blogger

    • Glad you enjoyed the list Dishita – will check out your bucketlist too!

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