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A Tribute To Kimmy Hayes

I cried myself to sleep last night, grieving over the loss of a friend.

When I first moved to the United States in April of 2013, Kimberly Hayes was one of the first friends I made. In a strange and foreign land where I knew no-one, Kimmy’s friendship was invaluable to me, and invaluable to maintaining my sanity.

Without a work visa for the first 3 months of my time here, I was essentially stuck indoors with nowhere to go and nothing to do.  I threw my whole self into the creation of my blog; a project to get me through this rough transition period in my life. A project to keep me sane while my husband worked to support both of us.

I had thought up until now that it was this blog which had saved my life; but this simply isn’t true.  It was the connections which were born from my blogging.  It was the daily conversations and new friendships which began online with a select few who understood me, and shared my same passions and goals.  It was my close friendship with Kimmy Hayes which saved my life. And I’m so incredibly devastated that I couldn’t save hers.

Kimmy and Drew.

Kimmy and Drew.

I still cannot accept that such a brilliant, vibrant and inspiring woman could be taken from this earth without warning or reason.  She gave so much – everything she learned about the business of blogging she shared with others. Together we created a number of facebook support groups aimed at educating, bettering and inspiring beginner bloggers. She was a mentor to many, and admired by many more. She was a light within the travel blogging community, a truly selfless soul who helped and inspired hundreds to live their dream.

She was so close, two months out, from realizing her own before she was taken from us.  She and husband Drew had worked tirelessly to pay off their debt,  build a travel blogging brand which would provide an income while they were on the road, and were selling all of their possessions to kick the American dream to the curb and go after their own – they dreamed of traveling the world.

Over the past ten months I spoke to Kimmy daily. We would waste full days chatting about our upcoming travel plans, about our goals, our hopes and dreams, our personal ups and downs. It’s difficult to accept that she will no longer reply.

I spoke to her on Friday, hours before she was involved in a tragic car accident which ended her life. She husband Drew were traveling on I-84 in what authorities described as extremely icy conditions when they lost control of their SUV and crashed into a tree. Although both of them were wearing seatbelts, Kimmy was gone before the EMTs even made it to the scene of the accident. She was 37 years old.

Drew is steadily recovering.


Afterglobe. Her dream was to travel the world.

Kimmy had an enthusiasm for life which was contagious, and a bright and bubbly personality which absolutely shone.  Her dedication and determination to live the life of her dreams was inspiring, and many admired and looked up to her.  Those who knew her personally, and even more who did not. She was making her “someday” happen.  Tragically, it never did.

Kimmy’s death is a tragic reminder of how truly precious life is, and how NONE of us are promised our “someday”.  But she didn’t need to die to remind us of that. She reminded us of that every day through her blog. She reminded us everyday through her passion and determination to live her dream.  Each day she was here with us, was another day we were reminded to live our lives to the fullest. It was her mission in life, and it will forever remain her legacy.

I am incredibly grateful to have known this amazing woman, and incredibly fortunate to have called her a close friend.  My heart goes out to her family whom she loved to dearly – I am truly sorry for your loss. Her dream was to travel to paradise – I pray she rests there now.

If you would like to support this family in their time of crisis, please join us in donating to Kimmy’s Memorial Fund.


Kimmy and Drew in Paradise.

Kimmy and Drew in Paradise.

“In the end your Life is made up of two dates and a dash in the middle, make the dash count!”

Though I’d never met Kimmy, I have looked up to her for quite some time. She was the administrator on a few blogging groups that I belonged to. She was always so kind and helpful. I always admired how dedicated Kimmy was to reaching her goal. It takes a special person to push so hard to “let go of the American dream.” It breaks my heart that Kimmy was taken away so early, so tragically and before she was able to reach her goal of traveling the world. I know Kimmy has inspired so many people to fight for their dreams and that’s such a fantastic legacy to leave behind. Kimmy will be greatly missed by so many. -Meagan LeAnne

I met Kimmy through a series of travel blogging websites and was immediately draw to her positivity and enthusiasm for life. Since last summer, she and I exchanged messages both personal and professional that showed me who Kimmy really was deep down: caring, considerate, kind, funny, motivated, exciting, hard working, dedicated, loving and passionate. I have to emphasize her passion because it’s something that will definitely stick with me. She was passionate about Drew, her family, Afterglobe, travel and most importantly, about life. I know I can speak for the entire travel community when I say that our hearts go out to her family during this incredibly difficult time. Knowing that our lives have all been changed by Kimmy, someone I never even had the pleasure of meeting in person, is a true testament to her character. I will miss Kimmy very much and will continue to pray for her family. – Phoebe Mroczek

I first came to know Kimmy about a year ago when I was invited to join an online community for travel bloggers. From the beginning, Kimmy was a strong leader in the group, constantly encouraging us, giving advice and helping us all become the best we could be. She had a beautiful spirit and it was evident in every blog post and personal message. I know that Kimmy has inspired thousands of people to live the life they dream of and to do whatever it takes to make your dreams come true. She leaves an amazing legacy and I am proud to have called her a friend. -Karisa Blake

Kimmy was instrumental in getting me involved in WTWB and opening me up to a whole new world.  She had energy, passion and passed her love of life in bucketfuls to all around her, even virtually it was felt.  Both personal and professional messages were exchanged between us and I was hoping to get to see her this summer if I could.  I was thinking on the way to work today how much she loved living life.  And she’d want everyone else to too.  So that’s Kimmy’s legacy: live and travel your life like it’s your last day.  Look up and around you and appreciate everything there is: the sky, birds, clouds, sea, sun.  Thank you – Kimmy – for being you. – Rebecca Hall

I first started talking to Kimmy when a few of us set up the We Travel We Blog community. From the get-go we had so many laughs – she had a bright and bubbly personality with a hilarious sense of humour. The main thing I really admired about Kimmy was her sense of determination. While we in our blogging community are always around people who go against the grain and live their dreams, in the grand scheme of things we’re a small group and not many people think that way. Kimmy was a shining example of a human being who wasn’t willing to settle for anything but her dreams, something I will never forget about her. Herself and Drew worked to the bone to make sure their dreams came true, and it is a cruel injustice that this won’t be the case for Kimmy. If we can learn anything from this, we can take the example Kimmy set and live the lives we’ve always imagined, and never take anything less than that. She was an incredible advocate for living to the very fullest, and not letting anything get in the way of that. I’m very happy to have known her, and will take that fiesty spirit of hers along with me from now on. – Emma Higgins


  1. Love you. Love this. Call me anytime if you need to talk.

    • Thanks Bret. Your support means the world xx

  2. So tragic and so senseless. Sending positive energy your way and praying that Drew has a speedy recovery and finds strength & peace. Thinking of you all!

    • Thank You Eva. Your thoughts and prayers are truly appreciated.

  3. Beautifully written. I’m so sorry Megan. She will be so missed within the community. x

    • Thankyou Helen. Phenomenal to think how one person can impact so many. She truly will be missed xx

  4. This was such a sad loss. I can’t believe that she was taken away either; such an inspirational woman in our community. I hope her husband makes it out of his coma okay and that the funds that are needed to keep him alive are raised. God Bless their souls.

    • I’ve just heard word that while Drew remains in a medically induced Coma he’s been showing signs of life. Keeping fingers crossed.

  5. I am saddened by the loss of Kimmie. Is it strange that someone you’ve never met could influence you so much? It tears me up to think about the loss of such a young life, a life so full of hopes and dreams. I couldn’t sleep last night, I just kept thinking about Drew and the rest of their family and how so very short life is. I hope and pray for Drew’s condition to improve. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

    • A fellow travel blogger also passed away a little under 6 months ago, and while I didn’t know her personally, I was still affected by her passing.

      Even though you may not have met someone personally, this is such a tight knit community that you feel like you’ve known them your whole life.

      Thankyou for your thoughts and prayers – truly appreciated. xxxx

  6. Although I have never met you, I just want to wrap my arms around you and give you a hug. I am so sorry the world had to lose such a wonderful person. Thinking of you, and all that knew and loved Kimmy. xx

    • Virtual hugs right back at you. Thankyou for your kind words and support – it means the world xx

  7. Beautifully written Meg. I was so looking forward to maybe meeting Kimmy in the summer. And showing her around my city when she got here on her travels.

    Her legacy will live on – and I feel honoured to have ‘met’ her. RIP Kimmy. And thanks for such a heartfelt post Meg.

    • Thanks Bex. I too was looking forward to catching up with her when they came through Florida.

      Thanks for your thoughts and prayers xxxx

  8. Kim was one of my best friends, and this post is such a beautiful picture of her amazing spirit. I’m sorry for your loss. It’s devastating…

    • Like-wise, I’m sorry for your loss as well. It’s truly heart breaking xxx

  9. It’s hard to be reminded how short life is, harder when it’s when you lose a friend. RIP Kimmy…

    • Thanks Elaine xxx

  10. Beautiful piece Meg. Although I never met Kimmy and was obviously not as close to her, I felt her generosity of spirit, and her infectious enthusiasm and zest for life. I’m comforted to know that my impression of Kimmy was the real thing. She was a wonderful human being. Take care my Aussie blogger buddy.

    • Her passion and enthusiasm for life was truly contagious, and felt by both those who did and those who didn’t know her. I think the outpouring of love and support from those who did not know her personally truly speaks to her character.

      Thankyou for your thoughts and prayers xxx

  11. We didn’t know Kimmy personally, but we read their blog religiously! We’re so incredibly saddened to hear of this tragic accident… You’ve written a very touching tribute…

    • Thanks for your incredibly kind words and for all of your support. Truly appreciated xx

  12. Thank you for writing a beautiful post about my beautiful friend. I don’t know you, but I know exactly what you’re going through. She was like no other. This is so unfair, and I’m still so in shock.

    • Thankyou Brea. I’m so sorry for your loss. Also still very much in shock. I don’t think I’ll ever manage to make sense of it. My love and prayers are with you xx

  13. So sad. RIP

    • Thankyou Amy xx

  14. Kimmy was such a selfless, helpful and inspirational person in our community. I am truly saddened and am keeping her family in my thoughts- praying for Drew.

    • Thank You Lindsay. Your thoughts and prayers are truly appreciated. Thankyou for your support xx

  15. A beautiful tribute to a beautiful soul, Megan. It is testament to Kimmy’s generosity of spirit that she touched and inspired even those she never met. Thinking of Drew and all of you so close to her.

    • Thankyou Jessica. Your kind words and thoughts and prays are incredibly appreciated. It really does speak so much to her character that so many lives have been touched and impacted by her short time on our earth.


  16. A very beautiful tribute Megan, I’m sure Kimmy is smiling down on you and thanking you for your beautiful friendship as well. May she rest in peace and may God give Drew the strength to survive and feel the comfort of friends and supporters everywhere.

    • Thanks Pam. Your support means the world to us. xxxx

  17. A beautiful tribute for a beautiful woman. RIP Kimmy! xxx

    • Thanks Tammy xxx

  18. Wow, I”m so shocked right now. this is the first I had heard. The thing with being in this amazing blogging community is that you feel like you really, truly know people – even though you’ve never physically met them. It doesn’t matter though, people can inspire, mentor, make you laugh and be there for you just with words.

    I’m so sorry for the loss of this wonderful woman.

    • Thanks Dariece for your kind words – I’m still in shock as well. We really are part of a truly phenomenal community; I have seen the travel blogging community come together a number of times now and am really touched and impressed by how much we stick together.

      And it’s so true – words are powerful enough to uplift and inspire.


  19. Thank you for this beautiful tribute, and for including the links. They are friends of mine, too. They were going to stay over Saturday night.

    • I’m so sorry Jesse for your loss. I pray that we can all somehow find peace with this tragedy. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  20. Oh my. This is almost exactly one year after I was in a tragic accident myself (which I obviously survived…but three inches to the left and….); and on February 10th of this year, not knowing of the events that were going on in real time, I was drawn to their site – and inspired by it. I even sent Kimmy an email, to which I’ll never receive a response.
    We may be a distantly connected online community of travelers, but we are a close and tightly-knit one, and this tragedy is, and will, reverberate through all of us.

    Drew – if and when you ever read this, you are loved. It was not your fault. And we are here for you.

    • Correction – I landed on their site on Feb 7th. (Today is Feb 10th. DUH).

    • Thanks Nora for your thoughts and prayers. I’m so sorry to hear about your accident – so grateful that you’re still here with us today.

      I’ve been completely overwhelmed and humbled by the sheer amount of support and outpouring of thoughts and prayers from the travel blogging community. Our community really is something special. We all feel each other’s pain, and we all band together in times of tragedy. That’s something pretty amazing.

      I’m sorry that she never had a chance to respond to your email – I know she would have been so touched and excited to have heard from you. xx

  21. I am so, so sorry for the loss of your friend, someone who helped you and supported you. I didn’t know KImmy personally, but saw her making waves and saw her dedication to the blogging community. May she now be in a different kind of paradise.

    • Thanks Jeannie for your kind words and support. She was definitely blazing an amazing trail. She was taken from this earth far too soon – so much passion and potential. xx

  22. Beautiful tribute, Meg. May Kimmy rest in paradise and Drew recover fully and quickly. Much love to Kimmy’s family and everyone that has been affected by the tragedy of her early passing.

    • Thanks Meagan. My thoughts and prayers are with you as well – her passing has been hard on everyone xx

  23. so sorry to hear this tragic news. I nevr met Kimmy but just 2 weeks ago I had been corresponding by email with herregarding blogging. it’s devastating for her husband, family and friends

    • Thankyou Scarlet – I’m glad you had the opportunity to interact with her even if it was for only a short period of time. She was a truly amazing woman.

      Thankyou for your thoughts and prayers xx

  24. Beautiful tribute Megan, and I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend. What a shock, and so very sad.

    • Thankyou Michelle – I truly appreciate your comment, love and support. xxx

  25. What a heartfelt tribute Megan. I’m sorry for your loss. Good friends are hard to find. I “met” Kimmy in a blogger group and asked her to do one of our Meet the Travel Bloggers interviews last fall. She was a pleasure to work with and I loved her and Drew;s dream. My thoughts are with her family and friends like you whose lives she toughed.

    • Thankyou for your kind words and support – I’m glad you had the opportunity to work with and meet her. Truly is a testament to her character and spirit to hear she touched the lives of so many.

      I know she will always remain with us, as will the amazing legacy she leaves behind. xxxx

  26. “We would waste full days chatting about our upcoming travel plans, about our goals, our hopes and dreams, our personal ups and downs.”

    NEVER call it a waste. YOU LIVED your time together and for that you are so, so lucky.

    Release yourself of any guilt. It was not up to you to save her.

    May you find comfort in your memories. Thinking of the family tonight. May they find peace in their memories, too.

    • Thanks Heather for your comment – I am eternally grateful for the time we shared together, and truly treasure those moments. It’s hard not to be selfish and wish for more.

      Am working towards focusing on the memories of the moments that we did share and overcoming the initial shock. Thankyou for your thoughts and prayers – they are truly appreciated. xxx

  27. Hey Megs,

    You’ve written a beautiful tribute that shows what a great and inspirational person Kimmy was.
    It’s not fair that she couldn’t experience the dream she was working hard so hard for. I think that makes it double our duty to live ours, out of respect for this person who reminded us every day that the moment is NOW.

    • It definitely does – she wouldn’t want it any other way. Thanks Sof for your support and prayers xxx

  28. Lovely tribute Megan. This is such a tragic loss of someone so young and someone with so much to offer.

    I didn’t realise that you were so well connected with Kimmy but it does not surprise me. The blogging community is a wonderful one which is full of support and encouragement. Kimmy epitomised this.

    Whilst I’d never interacted with Kimmy on the level you have, I did interact and read her blog. It is such a shame that her life has been cut short just as she was to follow her dreams of travel.

    I send to you Megan, to Drew and Kimmy’s family a big hug, lots of prayers and best wishes as we wish Kimmy the most peaceful of journeys to her final resting place.

    • Thankyou so incredibly much for your thoughts, support and prayers.

      It truly doesn’t surprise me that she touched so many people through her interactions with them – she was a phenomenal soul and I believe that shone through in her writing and interactions. And she was only getting started which is the biggest tragedy.

      Thankyou xxxx

  29. Like many people here, I interacted with Kimmy only online but her spirit transcended space, inspiring people who were continents away. Your words are way better than mine at expressing the tragedy of this loss. May Kimmy continue to inspire others to reach seize hold of their dreams with both hands.

    • Jo, you’ve summed it up beautifully. Thankyou for your kind words and support. I know she would have been absolutely overwhelmed to have known how much she meant to so many.

      I know her legacy will continue to inspire others.

  30. I’m sure there are no words ever that will comfort in this time. Just like most I only ever interacted with Kimmy online, but she oozed enthusiasm and warmth, even just online and through emails.

    Sending prayers towards Drew, Amanda and the rest of Kimmy’s family, and to you Meg, and all her friends who were lucky enough to meet her x

    • Thanks Sarah – I know she thought of you as a friend and highly respected you. That was the great thing about Kimmy – she had such a warmth for everyone, even though she may have only interacted with the vast majority online. We were a group.

      Thankyou for your thoughts and prayers xxxx

  31. Very beautifully written, Megan. I can’t believe that she’s gone. I so enjoyed reading their blog and reading about their plans. She seemed to be such a happy and kind person – and extremely beautiful as well.

    I’m so sorry for your loss. And my thoughts are with her family and of course poor Drew. I hope he’ll recover soon. Oh God, this is so sad…

    • Thankyou Celia. She was indeed a very happy and kind person, and extremely beautiful both inside and out.

      Thankyou so incredibly much for your thoughts and prayers xxx

  32. Such a moving tribute. I never knew Kimmy personally, but loved reading her blogs. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    • Thankyou for your support, thoughts and prayers. Her spirit will live on through her website as her personality shines through in her travel writing. She had such a passion for travel and for life.


  33. Beautifully written remembrance of your friend. Thank you for sharing Kimmy’s story ~ what a tragic loss.

    • Thankyou for your comment and for your love and support. It’s truly appreciated xxx

  34. Megan, I’m so sorry to read this thank you for sharing this and I wish you the best and will keep her husband in my thoughts.


    • Thankyou Ed. Your thoughts and prayers are truly appreciated xxxx

  35. Nicely written Megan. Though I never met her, I was getting to know her via the blogging world. It is sad and our thoughts go out to loved ones.

    • Thanks Heidi – I know she would have been so touched at the outpouring of support. I’m glad you had the opportunity to get to know her a little before she left us.


  36. Beautiful tribute, Meg! Sorry that you lost a friend. Life is truly precious and we need to make the most out of everyday fulfilling our dreams. Kimmy seemed like a wonderful person and this is such a loss to our blogging community. My thoughts are with her family. Take care!

    • Thanks Nita. She really was such a wonderful soul – the world is a lesser place without her in it.

      Thankyou so incredibly much for your message and for your thoughts and prayers xx

  37. what a beautiful and thoughtful piece, from one amazing person to another. just remember Kimmy lives on in everyone she touched with her positive energy, and it is up to you to carry that energy and love everywhere you go!

    • Thanks Mike – we will certainly be carrying her legacy and positive energy with us from now on. Hopefully she may now see the world from above. She will never be forgotten.


  38. I’m so sorry for your loss, for everyone’s loss. You’re words are so right – she had the power to inspire everyone around her. I’m sure there was a reason for her life to be taken so young; perhaps she’ll meet us all in paradise, wherever we are.

    • Thanks Jessica for your message and kind words. We can only hope that there was some higher purpose and power to which we will never understand. But the time she did spend here with us was incredibly meaningful, and touched the lives of so many. There’s something to say for that at least.


  39. So sorry to hear this sad news. I was shocked when I heard as had been in email contact with Kimmy just a few days earlier re a contribution to a post she was planning – it was my first communication with her but in her email, she came across as so friendly, ethusiastic and warm as well as welcoming me to be involved, which as a complete stranger a newbie to blogging – was actually very generous spirited of her. I looked at their blog so often and am shocked to hear of this news. RIP Kimmy.

    • The fact that she can touch someone with one email is truly a testament to her character and spirit. Thankyou for your comment and kind words. It means a lot to know that she was loved by so many.

      She truly was a completely selfless person – incredibly generous and giving, and always took interest in helping others succeed.

      She will be missed xxxx

  40. This is such a beautiful tribute, Meg. In the wake of such tragedy I’m reminded to follow Kimmy’s example and truly live the life I’ve dreamt of. And I’m so encouraged by all the love and support I’ve witnessed during this tragedy.

    • Thanks Karisa. I’ve also been truly touched and overwhelmed by all of the love and support which has come pouring out of our community in this tragedy.

      We can only now go forward and honor her memory by continuing her legacy and following our dreams. She will not be forgotten.

  41. Megan, I’m so sorry and my heart goes out to you, Drew and Kimmy’s family and friends. You are so right, life is precious. Such a beautiful tribute to a person to touched so many. Blessings to you.

    • Thankyou Jacquie; I truly appreciate your kind words and thoughts and prayers. xxx

  42. Beautiful tribute. I didn’t know Kimmy but as a new travel blogger have been inspired by her story. I’ve been thinking about this tragedy all week. Such a strong reminder how precious life is. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Sarah for your comment and your support. Life really is just so precious – it’s so sad that something like this has to remind us of it. We fall into the habit of thinking we have time when we need to be living every day like it’s our last.

      I’m so glad though that her story can live on and continue to inspire.


  43. Beautiful piece, Such a sad loss :(, Life really is precious and you have to live every day to the fullest

    • Thankyou Brendon. It is precious indeed. I will never forget that. xxx

  44. Hi Megan – What a beautiful tribute you have written for this woman who so clearly touched your heart and soul. I’m sure she would have been very touched by your words and the sentiments expressed not only by you but for others in the blogging community. It is such a tragedy. Please take care of yourself and allow the grieving process to work it’s way through. Our thoughts and wishes are with her husband.

    • Thankyou Deborah for your message and incredibly kind words. Trying to allow myself to find comfort in the memories and not focus on the circumstances of her passing – it definitely requires time.

      Thankyou for stopping by.

  45. The Guy just told me about it. I am shocked and very sorry to hear about Kimmy’s accident. She will be missed by many. RIP

    • Thanks Cez for stopping by and leaving a message. She touched so many that I know her memory will continue to live on. Your thoughts and prayers are truly appreciated. xx

  46. Megan, I only found out about this tragedy today as I was enjoying reading a post, 25 Random Facts About Kimmy and Drew of AfterGlobe. It was only when I came to the comments that I realised what had happened and even then it seemed to be unbelievable. I then found your post and am so sad. Kimmy was extremely helpful and generous in her time and advice with us as was Drew. As newcomers to this, they were so very helpful with advice and encouragement. You have made the point so very well that this is a close knit community and the loss of someone so giving is absolutely a tragedy. You take care. Paula and Gordon

    • Thanks for your message Paula – she was so dedicated and had two months of posts pre scheduled so I get email notifications of her new posts still, including the one you mentioned. Still to this day I can’t believe she’s gone.

      I’m so glad you had the opportunity to interact with her – she was such a kind soul who really was willing to help and encourage everyone she could.

      Thanks for your kind words – Thinking of you and Gordon xx

  47. Awe beautiful, lovely Kimmy…I just found out you have left the earth plane and I am so sad! Now I know even more why I keep getting Hawaii messages EVERY day. I have been disconnected from FB for awhile, and I am so sorry I missed you. I take comfort in knowing that you were so happy with your Drew and travels and that made me smile inside with each post. I am glad that you had that. You were always so special to me when you were my student, always a smile and the truth. I love you. Ms. J

    • Thanks for being here Carin. I’m so sorry for your loss – Kimmy was such a beautiful person. All my love.

  48. Megan,
    You beautiful tribute to Kimmy is one way to keep her alive and teaching others. For years I have wanted to write about and share my love of travel and have wished for resources and mentors, YOU have made a difference for me as I have been reading your blog and others you follow. Thank you for that- you are keeping Kimmys legacy alive.

    • Thanks Mari for your incredibly kind words, your message means a lot. I’m so glad that you’ve been inspired to write and share about your own love of travel – our main aim is to inspire and help as many others as we possibly can.

      Thankyou for your support xxx

  49. So sorry for your loss & our loss in the travel blogging community. I remember being brand new to all of this & worried about asking questions or joining in conversations on FB but she was so nice. Quite a few great bloggers were kind right at the beginning & I won’t forget her friendly words & reassurance. Rest in paradise Kimmy

    • Thankyou so much Kate – the biggest condolence throughout this whole tragedy is that her memory will never be forgotten, so I’m so glad she is living on through the fond memories of those who she touched and inspired.

  50. So sorry for your loss. We didn’t know her, but she sounds like a beautiful person :) And she would have been so proud to be your friend… beautiful words, a great tribute, unfortunately a tragic story, but a reminder to live life to the fullest while you can. You never know when it’s too late :/

    • Thankyou so much for your kind words – she really was just such a beautiful person. And absolutely, you never know which day may be your last.

      Thankyou for your comment xxx

  51. Megan, I read this the first day I saw it on facebook just a couple days after the accident. I was in shock though and it didn’t sink in like it is now, reading it 3 years later. I just happened to see it again when I typed her memorial facebook page into search and noticed your blog came up on that search. It was nice to read it again when I understand words and so lovely to read all the comments of your friends and Kimmmys. I guess everybody knows Drew is okay now but we’ll always miss her so very much. I’m glad you drop by her memorial page and keep in touch. Thanks again for writing such a lovely tribute.

    • Hi Kathy, thanks for stopping by the blog. Kimmy was such an inspiration and I’m so grateful for having been blessed with her in my life, even if only for a short time. She was such a special woman who touched the lives of so many, and for those who were lucky enough to call her a friend, her memory will always live on Xx

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