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A Blog About Blogging: Life as a Travel Blogger

I’m Megan, and I’m an addict.

We’ve been in Florida for 5 weeks now, and I can pretty safely say that we’re finally settled in. Mike found work pretty quickly at the Lighthouse Restaurant, and I have been focusing my full time efforts on my travel blog – thanks for reading! (I can’t get one of those “paying jobs” for the next 3 months until my US permanent residency processes.)

Having made the transition from a private to public blog only two months ago, I’ve been quite surprised with the reality of being a full time blogger, and just how much work goes into maintaining and working towards establishing a successful blog.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m having an absolute blast discovering the different facets of being a blogger, however it really is a full time task – even more than – and some have said I have become addicted to blogging.


It’s not overly horrible blogging from Florida! I posted this photo in response to friends saying I needed to spend time off the computer.

They saying goes that when you’re traveling you’re not blogging, and when you’re blogging you’re not traveling (anyone who says otherwise is generally lying to you!!) For the last three weeks I’ve spent roughly 12 hours per day, 5 days a week in front of the computer.  (I need to give myself 2 days to explore Florida!) I’ve spent hours teaching myself about social media strategy, coding, fixing coding, fine tuning my writing skills, brain storming topics, editing photos and video blogs, reading other travel blogs, and networking within the industry.  And then there’s the creating content part!!

I didn’t know how to use twitter until a month ago, however there have been days where I’ve sat on twitter for 8 hours straight, building an audience, making sure people know my name, networking, and trying to establish a strong following.  In two weeks I’ve managed to convince 400+ people to follow me which I’m really excited about!!

A month ago I was only on Facebook.  Now you can also find me on Twitter,YouTubePinterestInstagramFlickr and Google +.   I know a few people are raising their eyebrows and shaking their heads at my long term goal to make this a career, but I guarantee I will prove you wrong (you heard it here first!).  What I’ve found amusing is that I’m hearing so much about how much of a pity it is that I can’t use my law degree in America.  Which it is, but I also have a Journalism degree.  And honestly, it’s not really a pity – if you had the opportunity to be a lawyer or a travel journalist which would you choose?  (The correct answer by the way is the latter!)

That being said I have been overwhelmed by the amount of support from a lot of friends and family, and am so incredibly appreciative to those who have been giving me so much valuable advice.


Blogging on my wedding day! (Video blog here)

It’s not an easy task establishing a successful blog, but I’m loving every second of it.  I’m completely dedicated to making this a long term travel blog which hopefully 3 years down the road can support itself.  I may dream big, but you have to dream big to be big!

Obviously it’s a lot of work at the moment – as with any project – because I’m just getting started, but I’m getting a great sense of accomplishment out of the work that I’m putting in.  It’s hugely exciting that two months ago I was writing pretty much for mum and dad, and now I have people from all over the world leaving comments.

I also feel like I’ve made some pretty amazing friends.  You would think I would be lonely, stuck in the house each day in a completely new country where I know no one (and where everyone in my gated community is 85 years or older!), but I’ve been getting to know some amazing travel bloggers who are at the same stage in life as me, and trying to achieve the same things.  Even though we’re “online friends” I still feel like I’m now part of a very close knit community of people.

So, wanting to know if I was alone in my recent addiction to the blog, I posed the question to other travel bloggers, some just starting out like me, and others more established with quite a large following.

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“How much of your time do you spend traveling as opposed to working on your blog?”

Nicole and Michael from Suitcase Stories


“I was completely aware that once I started a blog it was going to take over my life!  However, I am a traveler first and a blogger second and I will always put the travel first. How can I be a good blogger if I don’t have any good stories to tell because all I did was sit in front of a computer screen?

So I have two schedules for blogging.  I have one schedule for when I am house-sitting (which means I am not out every day sightseeing) and the other schedule is for when we are between sits and we utilize that time to fit in a lot of sightseeing.  My house sitting schedule is 12 – 16 hours per day working on the blog.  I take one day a week ‘off’ to go out somewhere.  My ‘on the road’ schedule is 4 – 5 hours a day, usually at night after we have finished exploring wherever we are.  I was a business owner before I became a digital nomad so I’m used to long hours!”

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Erin from “The World Wanderer


“At the moment, I’ve been spending more time working on my blog, and less time traveling, as I’m saving up for the next few trips. Then, while I am traveling, I tend to spend less time on the blog, as I am busy enjoying the destination. I guess in the end, it all balances out!”

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Hannah & Adam from “Getting Stamped”


“Well we leave for our Round The World trip in 63 days so we haven’t started traveling yet.  We are, however, working 50+ hour work weeks AND doing website work of probably 20-30 hours each every week!  We hope to only spend 15 hours each on the website once we are on the road.”

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Shaun and Erica from “Over Yonderlust Travel Blog


“We try and only spend a couple of hours a day on it – usually in the morning.  That leaves our afternoons free for traveling and some pretty awesome adventures!”

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Amy from Everything-Everywhere


(Amy is the General and Community Manager for Everything Everywhere and blogger at Everything-Everywhere Family Travel)

“The majority of my time, I’m at home.  My husband is a pilot so he travels a lot, so I am homeschooling and taking care of my two children (4 and 6) and working on the business side of Everything-Everywhere.  It is a large blog, so it takes quite a bit of time monthly to run smoothly.

I usually write in spurts.  I will spend a few hours in a block writing and take care of two weeks or a month of content at a time.  Having it queued up helps me to have flexibility to do the other things that need to be done without worry.  It also allows me to add additional things that pop up in my mind a couple of days after I’ve written the post.

Most of the time I have a trip a month.  They varies in length from 3 days to a week.  In that week, we travel as a family.  But because I’m traveling with my kids I can only do minimal work.  I can pretty much only carry the business side of things and keep up with email.  If I travel too much, I get behind and it makes catching up unpleasant.  Also, because we don’t have a “nomadic lifestyle” I catch a lot of flak from my husband and children if I spend too long on the laptop trying to catch up on email during business hours.  Having a mifi device has helped, so I can catch up on things in the car – but sometimes that is problematic.

Even getting in minimal travel can be hard at sometimes of the year.  Right now, it is spring!  I want to get out and explore!  But it is also baseball season, so I am spending time at home while my kids play sports and working to organize the summer business side of the blog.  Averaged out, I definitely spend more time working on the blog and blog activities than I do traveling.”

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Jack & Jill from “Jack and Jill Travel the World”


“Traveling will always be our first priority. I usually write on our off days (off days = rest days, errand days, non activity days), do social media while waiting for buses/food to come, etc. So I guess an hour or two during travel days and up to 4 on off days!”

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Charli from “Wanderlusters”


“Our website Wanderlusters went live a few days before NYE 2012 and the past four months have pasted by in a bit of a blur. We had no idea just how much time you can spend ‘blogging’. It’s very easy to get lost in what you’re doing whether it be coding, editing photographs or writing articles, and don’t get me started on social media! I had no idea how to tweet before mid January this year! Blogging is a serious undertaking and to make it a success you need to dedicate countless hours to sitting in front of your laptop, writing, networking, reading other blogs and sharing your content.

We’ve only just scratched the surface in the last four months and have a lot of hard graft to come.”

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Ashley from “Traveling Ashley”


“Even though I leave for a month long trip in two weeks, I have found that the blog is a lot of work. Planning for trips is also part of my blog so I have to make sure that I keep a written account of all the sites I used and how I formulated my travel plans so I can write about it. Also, when I’m traveling I try to make sure that I keep track of all the places I ate, things I did and tips I find out in each country so I can write about it when I get home. I definitely spend more time working on the blog than I do traveling because the blog encompasses so much more than the actual trip.”

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Karisa from “My Hot Pink Passport


“Because I live in Thailand I spend at least one day per week “traveling” in Thailand, visiting temples, museums and neighborhoods in Bangkok. During Thai public holidays or long weekends I’m able to get out of Bangkok and visit islands and other cities. About every 3 months I’m able to leave Thailand and travel to another country in Southeast Asia. I’m actually on my way to Laos right now! (And I’m VERY excited!)

During a regular work week I work on my blog for at least 1 hour after work and keep up with social media during my break hours. I have a 40 hour a week teaching job, currently, but my location (Thailand) makes every day feel like an adventure.”

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Agness and Cez from “eTramping


 “We blog from time to time when we feel like blogging, maybe 2-3 hours a day, but it’s hard to say really. We work full-time in China, so we can blog only part-time. There is no pressure with time, we blog whenever we feel like doing so. Right now, we travel a lot, every weekend (short trips) and every two weeks (longer journeys). When we are on the road, we don’t spend that much time blogging as we want to enjoy sightseeing and interacting with people.”

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Meagan from “Life Outside of Texas


“This year, on top of living in Korea, I have at least 1 international trip planned each month! I spend so much of my time on adventures that I haven’t been able to blog about it all! I try to dedicate time during the week to my blog, but sometimes it’s hard to balance “work” and play!”

Find Meagan on Facebook and Twitter.

Jess from “A Passion and a Passport”


“As a very rough estimate, I spend about 1-2 hours daily (at the very very least) working on my blog (writing posts, editing photos, engaging in social media, making layout changes, etc). Unfortunately, I only travel a few weeks out of the year. Of course I wish I could travel more, but at this point in my career, it is just not possible  EXTREME WANDERLUST though! As a new blogger, I am currently writing content about past trips and experiences. Hope to get up to date soon!  Writing about the Greek Islands next!”

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And lastly…

Justin from True Nomads


“In my case it has been hard to balance the two, because I am always traveling. I always stop to work when and wherever I run out of money, and this gives me a chance to catch up and scheduled post ahead for the next trip, so I don’t have to worry.”

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Are you a travel blogger?  How much time do you spend blogging as opposed to traveling?


  1. Love that you’ve included a blogging section on the site.
    It might nog be that interesting for people merely looking for travel advice, but for people interested in travel who also happen to blog… it’s good stuff:)

    • Thanks Sofie! I thought it was a good idea to keep it separate, because you’re totally right – not so interesting for people merely looking for travel advice!

  2. There is some helpful content in there! I am also trying to figure Twitter out. I may hit 100 followers TODAY woo! It is really a learning curve to keep up with all the various forms of social networking, while maintaining a blog. I also am not (yet) a full time traveler and I do not have the internet at home. I need to fix that because being limited to when I can sit and stare at Twitter for eight straight hours, trying to get my name out there, is really hurting me.

    • Thanks Jennifer! Congratulations!! If you want extra help with twitter head to my “twitter for travelers” page has a tonne of awesome info which I hope helps! It’s listed in the drop down menu under “travel resources”.

      Send me an email; and I’ll send you a twitter advice kit I wrote up for someone else. There are a few clever ways to tweet constantly and get your name out there without having to sit on the computer all day :D

    • Oh thank you so much! I am going to read the Twitter for Travelers page and I am going to email you right noooooooow!!

    • Of course :) Will respond to your email tonight :)

  3. Great post and well done for reaching out to all the contributing bloggers. Its great to see how other people do it all. When I am abroad I try to write and edit once every 2 days, edit photos and social media ect so about 2-4 hours per day on the road. When I am working a 40 hour work week at home I spend another 20-30hours blogging trying to keep up with all the other amazing bloggers that are killing it at the moment.

    • Thansk Jaryd! It’s definitely hard work! We’re on the road right now – left yesterday – and it’s my first experience trying to keep everything running while traveling at the same time – hectic!! Lol Ive had my laptop out in the car during our drives between cities with my wireless mouse on the car seat blogging away in a word document to upload later in the evening!!

  4. I can relate to nearly everything you mention up there. Although I’ve been lucky to have traveled quite a bit on holidays (worked mostly in northern Europe, so holidays are an actual reality, and not a weeklong joke like in the US), it was only a few months ago (30th May, to be exact) that my lady and I decided to skedaddle into the great unknown and give long-term travel a try. Since I wanted to pretend I wasn’t just taking an extended holiday so I could sit my ass on a beach all day, I set up our silly travel blog and started ranting about past trips, current trips and whatever else tickled my fancy. It was only very recently that I started to take it a bit more seriously, and suddenly realized I was putting in more hours than when I was a teacher 10 years ago… We have now extended our stay in San Cristóbal, Mexico, not only because the place is lovely but also due to my need of a pit stop so I can try and figure out how this blogging business works – including social media, which has a steep learning curve for a newbie. I also had no idea how Twitter worked until a month ago, and now I find myself spending hours on Twitter chats, scrambling for morsels (don’t get me started on Google+…). There’s a lot of work to be done, and although a part of me still reels from the sheer neediness of it all, I must admit it has been a fascinating ride. Anyway, enough rambling. Kudos on being ambitious and going after your goals! Your site is lovely and you seem to be making great strides towards success in the travel blogging world. Good luck and safe travels!

    • Congratulations on long term travel! We’re hoping to give it a try starting mid next year after we get all of our stuff in order! I’ll be sure to be following your updates to follow your adventures!

      The business of blogging definitely has a steep learning curve – but it’s so rewarding once it starts paying off; and sounds like you’re doing it because you love it which is really important if you want to do it long term!

      Let me know if you ever want any tips or advice on social media; I’m still learning myself but I’ve picked up a few tricks of the trade along the way! Email is

      Thanks for your kind words! Means a lot :)

  5. Lovely piece! I’m new to blogging and I’m finding it all a bit overwhelming eg struggling doing it while working, keeping up momentum and social media well I really haven’t got a clue! Your blog is so reassuring and encourages me to stick with it! Your travels look fab too!

    • Thanks Bee! Definitely stick with it; take one thing at a time! I started out with only two social media’s which I worked on until I was happy adding more to my workload. Better mastering one thing and then mastering another than trying everything at once is my theory!!

      Welcome to blogging! Let me know if you ever need any help or advice :)

  6. Hi Megan!

    I’ve been really pleased to read your blogger’s story!
    You remind me to my personal experience who I’ve got through in the last two years and a half. The perspective is different because I’m talking about to manage my business online, but the way is similar to yours. First of all, I’ve been working hard to try to understand how “things”worked out across the web. I’ve spent lots of time, especially in the first eight months because I needed to be part of the mechanism particularly, what I have to do to try to improve my acitivity through social networks and other things of course! At some point, I felt exhausted but my curiousity and people like you who inspired me a lot, have given me extra energy and enthusiasm, which can make a big difference in a positive meaning espcially when you start your “adventure online”!!
    Since the beginning, I chose to do everything in English language and to be honest at first, it seemed to me really tough but anyway, now I feel a little bit more confortable even though, I’m aware that there’s still a lot to do. As you know my English is still a work in progress, but this incredible language has given me the opportunity of having a life “online” as well as staying in touch with people from all over the world!!

    All the best!
    Have a great weekend,
    Alessandro from Tuscany.

    • Thanks for your comment Alessandro! I’m really inspired by your efforts – you’ve done such a great job and come so far, and it’s particularly impressive that you are running your business in English!

      Your English is very good considering it is not your first language and I’m really impressed with all of your achievements.

      Keep up the amazing work! Hopefully one day we can come through Italy!

  7. Thanks for sharing this. Makes me realize I am not alone in the challenges of being a blogger, like spending a lot of time online, and realizing how much work it takes!

    • You’re definitely not alone! After a fair few months of maintaining my blog now I’m going to write a second installment to this based on finding that balance! I still have trouble lol! I think a lot of people overlook how much work it really takes.

  8. I write about family travel as a journalist and blogger. I spend all of my free time blogging, but I don’t have much free time as I’m at home looking after my kids! It’s really interesting to read everyone’s stories and about how you’re getting on with your blog. I wish you lots of luck with it.

    • Looking after kids is a full time job in itself – I’m impressed at your ability to balance everything! Thanks for your comment – best of luck to you as well!

  9. Congrats. Quite an Inspiring story for me at least. I too have an ambition of making travel blogging as a career, but it is still not there. Trying hard to make time now with a small kid at home. :(

    • Thanks Avik – it’s very time consuming, especially when you have other commitments. I wish you all the best and every success – very impressed at your dedication and commitment to making it happen with a child to care for :)

      Good luck! Meg

  10. Metgan,
    Oh my gosh; my life just passed before my eyes as I read your post, followed by the other bloggers comments! I too just entered the blogging/travel writing profession just recently. Like you, I only first tweeted a month ago. In addition to the huge learning curve for social media marketing; I am also in the process of writing and self publishing my first book; also a huge learning curve. On top of that I have to run my household and attend to my kids, my husband and our incredibly needy dog. I’m not sure which one, my dog or my husband is complaining more about all the time I spend working! I’m working about 50 – 55 hours a week. I’d be working more but I’m also working on my balancing act – family and work. By the way, great post; now go out and get some sun! Kerry (one of your new blogging friends, I hope!

    • It’s an exhausting post to read for sure!!

      Wow you have a lot on your plate – congratulations on your book and welcome to the world of blogging!! What I’ve come to learn though is that family comes first – as much as I would love it to, my computer doesn’t hug me at night lol so I’ve tone down my obsessive online habits a bit!!

      Glad to call you a new friend! Enjoy the sun!

  11. you were blogging on your wedding day! Too cool (if a little addicted!) :D I know what you mean about hard work though – I blog as a hobby and travel in my spare time in between a full time job – I’m loving my new blogging experience but it is definitely a lot more work than I’d ever fully appreciated in the past!

    • And the great thing was that my husband wasn’t allowed to see me before the wedding so I didn’t get in trouble for it :D!! Lol

      I’ve come to realize I need to remember to love what I do with the blog. As soon as it becomes a chore is when it’s time to scale back and rethink priorities!!

      Best of luck!

  12. This is really motivational and cool. And man I would love to have a Florida pool as my office haha!

    • Thanks Jp! Glad I could inspire! It’s not a bad office…just need to get the sun to come back out – it’s been a little chilly recently with the US freeze :D!

  13. good post! I have had a blog in some form or another since 2008 but only in the last two years have I thought I should do something with it. I only write once a week because of my work schedule but I hope to build my audience!

    • Thanks Lisa – glad you enjoyed it :) A lot of bloggers write only once a week, so you’re definitely not alone there. Writing daily this past year has definitely been a challenge, and I’m starting to scale back because of exhaustion!!

      I wish you the best of luck!

  14. Hi Megan

    Thank you for sharing an honest and valuable post. i wish you every success :) As a newish blogger I struggle al the time between creating content and marketing it. I come from a writing and photography background and I had this idealistic view that all I had to do was create interesting, beautiful, well written content. Then I realised that if no one read it what was the point? Now, some days I get disheartened as successful blogging seems to be all about stats – ho many twitter followers you have, how many facebook fans, how many subscribers you have, how much SEO you know etc and the quality and craft seems to be lost.

    I would love to know your tips so will read any info on your site and send you an email – particurly re twitter. I don’t want to get caught up in following people merely in the hope they will follow me back. I marvel and question how people following thousands of people actually read the tweets? Or do they?

    Thank you for sharing once again.
    Warm wishes

    • Thanks Sam :) You hit the nail on the head – creating amazing content is all well and good, but if no one is reading it, it defeats the purpose. The vast majority of content out there is very mediocre – but every know and then an amazing piece of writing comes along!

      Feel free to send me an email with your questions, I am always happy to help. You can contact me at

      Thanks for stopping by :)

  15. Fascinating! Nice article. Like many others, I can relate to this article, as a fellow newbie, who’s cramming in hours and hours of writing, whilst trying to learn as much as possible about Social Media and web development. A great read!

    • Thanks Adam – I’m glad you can identify with the post. There really is so much more to blogging than you initially think – but it’s so rewarding if you love what you do!

      Wishing you the best of luck!

  16. Hi, what an inspiring story. I hope to build up my FB page (first 1000 likes in one month) and will follow your advice and introduce other social media like pinterest, twitter, intsagram, etc. Thanks again for the inspiration.

    • Thanks Lyn :) 1,000 likes in one month is amazing – FB is an incredibly hard social media to grow now that they’re introduced a tonne of different algorithms to make people pay to advertise. So you’ve done well!

      Best of luck!

  17. Awesome article! I’m just starting out as a travel blogger. All the little things that try to garb your attention can be pretty overwhelming. Especially when you’re new it’s hard to figure out which are worth dealing with. It’s good to here the stories of people who faced the same challenge and found their way through. It gives me some hope there’s light at the end of the tunnel. :)
    Also: I really like the design of your website! It’s clear & beautiful.

    • Thanks Chris – glad you found it useful :)

      The little things can definitely be overwhelming, the biggest thing which got me through was focusing my whole energies on one or two little things until I had mastered them and then moving on. I slowly learned how to do everything well as opposed to jumping in the deep end and drowning!!

      There’s definitely light at the end of the tunnel, and I know you’ll reach it. Just sit down and decide what’s important to your purpose; some little things will be essential, and some won’t.

      Good luck!

      And thanks! Always glad to hear the design is appreciated :)

  18. Travel blogging is definitely hard work especially if you are working a regular job at the same time. After I started my teaching job I barely have any time to blog! I try to keep an organized list of the things I still need to write about and write about it when I have the time, which is usually on the weekends we aren’t traveling. I could spend countless amounts of hours writing, editing pictures, and working on the design of my blog. Right now I am trying to enjoy the travel aspect and write more later! It is very hard work though! Props to you!

    • There’s definitely a balance to be struck between writing and editing etc and traveling. We have just started a 6 month stint of traveling and it’s proving interesting trying to keep a continual stings of content up. The Writing, editing and working on the design has kind of taken a back seat while we’re on the road.

      Trying to remember to live in the moment and also enjoy the travel aspect of it!

      Best of luck!!

  19. We are nearly a year old and what I have learnt in this time has been overwhelming and I am proud of that. Boy have I made mistakes though. What I have still to learn is equally overwhelming so I was happy to read from you to learn to do something properly before tackling the next new thing. I learn a lot from your down to earth advice not to mention your generosity. Now if you can just explain those back link things and all of those other funny words, we’ll be all good. Enjoy Florida :)

    • I’ve learnt mistakes are the best way to move forward – better to make them and learn from them than have everything go perfectly and not gain the knowledge!

      Definitely only worry about tackling one thing at a time; otherwise you will get too overwhelmed and want to throw in the towel. I like to take things slowly so I have more chance of succeeding in the long run :)

      Congrats on a year! A lot of travel blogs fold before the 12 month mark because of the work involved – awesome work!! Lol shoot me an email and I’ll explain my funny words :)

      Safe travels :)

  20. I just started blogging and I thought it was going to be easy. I was wrong. I’m a full-time student and now a travel blogger (well… I try). I don’t have time to sleep and If I do, I dream about my next post :) It’s even harder because English isn’t my first language.

    Your website is the best Megan, I love it.

    Good luck.

    • I feel your pain! I’m especially impressed though if you’re blogging in English and it is your second language – one of my main goals is to learn a second language, I’m so impressed with those who are bilingual.

      Best of luck in all of your endeavours – trust me that hard work pays off!

      Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting!

  21. Hi! I enjoyed reading this article. You sound a lot like me in my current state. I was wondering, how did you learn all the stuff that you listed? Do you have any resources? How do you get your name out there and gain followers? I’m self-teaching, too, and boy is it overwhelming. I appreciate any insight :) Thank you!

    • Hi Tiana – I’m glad you enjoyed the article. I have a write up with tips for beginner bloggers listing everything I learned along the way. Shoot me an email to and I’ll send it your way. Hopefully there’s some tips in there which will help :)

      I learnt it all through networking and picking other people’s brains as well as a large number of YouTube tutorials!

  22. It is very inspiring to hear about other people that have struck out on their own to make travel blogging work for them. I’m about 1.5 months in so ask me again in a year how sane I am but I’m loving it so far. Thanks for giving me motivation to keep going!

    • Thanks Adrian! So glad you enjoyed the post and found it inspiring. Congrats on the start of your blogging adventure! It’s a lot of hard work but the rewards are so amazing!

      If you’re passionate about it you’ll go far! Feel free to email me anytime if you ever have any questions along the way :) Meg

  23. Thanks for posting this, great read – can’t believe you were blogging on your wedding day – top effort :D

    • Thankfully my husband wasn’t allowed to see the bride for the whole day before we walked down the aisle – so I had no one to stop me lol!

      Thanks JP – so glad you enjoyed the post :)

  24. Hi Megan,
    Love your writing! It is so incredibly easy to spend all those hours on the blog, the time just flies. I have messed with different websites and making them for people – then, at the beginning of this year I sat down and thought ‘What really makes me happy?’ and so my wicked walkabout family blog evolved into the current site (family blog is still motoring along separately )

    I just love thinking travel, so the other sites went off into cyber space and I no longer work on too many other sites for people.
    Twitter is the hardest media for me to come to grips with, I think I need a few days to simply focus on it and get a grip on the beastie!

    Keep enjoying yourself! Hooroo x

    • Hi Jane!

      Thanks for stopping by – so glad you related to the article; blogging really can become so addicting when it’s a passion!!

      I’m so glad to hear you’re focusing more on what you’re passionate about – that’s how you really succeed.

      Twitter is actually one of the social media’s I excel at the most so feel free to email me if you would like some start up tips and advice. My email is – I have a write up with some general help Ive been sending out to other travel bloggers trying Twitter for the first time.

      Have a great weekend! And best of luck with your blog!

  25. Hi Megan – what a great resource! So many awesome travel bloggers out there and I’m glad you put this list together with pictures and everything to put a face to the blog. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Chad! So glad you enjoyed the post, keeping a face to the blog is one of my main goals :)

      Hope you’re having a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

  26. It’s always refreshing to hear from some of the top bloggers around, learning and hearing what they have to say. It all can be overwhelming at times, but reading how others face the same challenges is reassuring! Great post, thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Rob – I’m so glad you enjoyed the post. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or tips and advice – it can definitely be overwhelming, but it’s also just as possible to make happen :)

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