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6 Boutique Hotels with Amazing Cocktail Bars

Much like a stellar cocktail, a high-quality cocktail bar results from the perfect mixture of “ingredients”: ambience, ingenuity, attention to detail, and upscale tastes. At each of these boutique hotels, these elements combine to form some of the greatest bars around.

1. ALMA Barcelona, Barcelona

This five-star hotel boasts upscale bedding, marble bathrooms, personalized service, and other luxury amenities—not the least of which is ALMA’s restaurant and bar.

The highly acclaimed bar features handcrafted cocktails that pair well with the restaurant’s gourmet cuisine. Guests can enjoy their drinks in the upscale restaurant, at the bar, or on the hotel’s rooftop terrace, which promises great city views.

2. B2 Boutique Hotel and Spa, Zurich

The Library Lounge at B2 Boutique has long earned its acclaim for high-quality libations—in fact, the entire hotel used to be a brewery.

Today, the hotel bar is designed with the more contemplative drinker in mind. The walls are lined with more than 33,000 books; guests can sip their drinks while conducting business, enjoying tapas, or reading to their heart’s content.

3. Casa Camper Berlin Mitte, Berlin

Forget the minibar. At Casa Camper, a 24-hour restaurant lounge features drinks and fresh snacks at any hour of the day or night—all for no extra fees. Dubbed Tentempié, the lounge is located on the very top floor of the hotel and offers stunning views of Berlin.

In addition to its innovative drink service, the 51-room hotel also boasts king-size beds, contemporary design aesthetics, and a stellar location in the historical heart of Berlin.

4. The Crosby Street Hotel, New York City

Everything about the Crosby Street Hotel is upscale, including its popular bar. While the prices may be steep (they average around $18 a drink), the payoff is well worth it. Favorite libations include the Blood and Sand, the Zombie, and the Last Word; in addition, the bar features a seasonal rotation of new mixological inventions.

In a European twist, the bar also offers afternoon tea service. Once sated, guests can retire to their spacious, light-filled, and individually designed rooms.

5. Hotel Ballard, Seattle

The cocktails and wine are equally stellar at Stoneburner, the restaurant and bar beneath Hotel Ballard. That’s thanks in no small part to its rotating cocktail menu and staff sommelier. Whatever your drink of choice, it will pair well with the restaurant’s seasonal food, which features local ingredients (many of which are harvested from the restaurant’s own farm).

Hotel guests can retire to rooms that feature blackout drapes, king-sized beds, marble bathrooms, and sweeping mountain views.

6. The Soho Hotel, London

Imagine the hip, contemporary vibe of New York City’s SoHo neighborhood, and then transplant it into hip, contemporary London—that’s the setting for the Soho Hotel’s Refuel Bar and Restaurant. There, patrons can enjoy a wide selection of mixed cocktails or choose from the upscale wine menu.

Pair drinks with some tapas or larger plates from the bar’s stellar food menu, then sleep it all off in the hotel’s luxury accommodations, which feature premium linens, Miler Harris bath products, and floor-to-ceiling windows.

The only downside of visiting any of these great cocktail bars? If you have one too many, you might not make it out to explore the amazing cities in which they’re located. Sip responsibly, and you’ll get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

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