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5 Simple Packing Tips for First Time Couple Travelers

Travelling is proven to bring positive results to couples. From a survey of 1,000 pairs, 63% of the respondents said that travelling helped their relationship last. From cutting travel costs in half, to getting more pictures of yourself and having someone to share the experience with, travelling with your significant other is beneficial in a lot of ways.

If it’s your first time travelling together as a couple, the excitement of the trip will even start with packing. Here are some tips that you can follow to make it as fun as possible.

Make a list and pack at least one week ahead of the trip

Don’t underestimate the power of lists. They will help you prioritise the things that you both need and those that you can leave at home. You can also do a little teamwork in here by sharing packing things you will each be responsible for, which will also minimise the risk of forgetting something.

How about assigning all the electronics to him while you take care of the travel documents and the toiletries?

Bring unisex clothes and shareable items

Pack clothes and items that both of you can use for days where you will be casual. A few examples would be jackets, tees, pyjamas, scarves, socks, towels and hats.

You can also bring one of each device to share, which will take away the extra weight of bringing separate items.

Put the valuable things in your carry on

Your carry-on baggage allows you to carry the important things you need on board. Make sure you have a set of clothes and underwear, any medicine you may need, your camera, jewelry and travel documents, while the rest of your clothes could go in your check-in luggage.

This way, your first trip wouldn’t be ruined if your baggage was lost.

Check-in only one regular-sized suitcase per person

Excess baggage fees aren’t an urban legend and are a common problem among couples travelling. It’s easy to get carried away by bringing big luggage bags, but it does make travel on trains and public transport stressful. Normally, one piece of standard luggage and one carry-on or backpack should be enough, regardless of how long your trip is.

It’s also a great option to make one suitcase half empty, so that you have more room for extra purchases. Shopping together for souvenirs makes your trip complete and exciting, so prepare for it! For items that exceed your baggage allowance, consider sending them home via a freight company such as World Baggage. It’s a far better option than paying excess baggage fees upfront at the airport.

Give a copy of your itinerary to your parents and friends

It’s important to give your family and friends the peace of mind of where to reach you if it’s your first time going on a trip together. It will help them contact you in case of emergency, or just to catch up on how the trip is going. Even if it’s just for a short weekend (Spa breaks are great for a relaxing weekend away), always leave the details of your trip with someone you trust and a way for them to contact you.

The fun of your first trip can even start from the packing itself, because you can start practising your teamwork by being involved in what to bring for your trip. Do you have something to add in the list? Share in the comments below!

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  1. The planner in me rejoices when I see posts like this! Thanks for sharing, I’m definitely going to put this under my husband’s nose later. (=

    • Glad you enjoyed the post Daphne! Happy planning in 2016! :)

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