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Roll Down the Windows: 5 Great Road Trips to Take in Canada

It’s time to roll down the windows and experience everything Canada has to offer, but where do you start? There are so many great places to travel to.

Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Vancouver To Tofino, BC

This is a massive undertaking, but one of the coolest trips you’ll ever go on. Travelling across Canada to start your trip is no easy feat, but you can always fly in if you want to “cut to the chase.” You’ll be going through a variety of terrains, most notably a windy road through the mountains, lakes, and the coast and finally through a rainforest.

Vancouver Mt Seymour

Vancouver by andy_c

Be sure to stop at Coombs County Market for locally-inspired souvenirs, as well as the famous goats on the roof. Cathedral Grove boasts 800 year old Douglas firs.

But, be careful out there. Watson Goepel, a car accident lawyer in Vancouver, has a lot of experience with car accidents in this area. One of the things that’s common among most accidents is distracted driving. So, while you’re enjoying the scenery, keep close attention on the road in front of you, stay off your mobile phone, and don’t rubberneck it when taking in the beauty of Canada.

Calgary To Lake Louise, Al

It will take four days to do this tour. Start in Calgary and travel to the Calgary Stampede. Also, make sure you visit the site of the 1988 Olympic Games.

On you second day, you can rent a vehicle, and take it out to the Columbia Ice-field for a snowmobile tour. If you plan on staying the night, rent a hotel with a lake view so you can see the sunset and sunrise – it’s amazing.

Northern Lights Calgary

Northern Lights Calgary. Photo CC by Colby Stopa

On the third day, plan for an early rise so you can hit up the Sulphur Mountain in Banff Springs. You’ll have to take the gondola all the way to the top of the mountain. Bring your bathing suit so that you can dip in the hot springs.

On your last day, you can continue your tour of the Banff Springs and head back to Calgary.

The Cabot Trail on Cape Breton

If you love golf, you’ll love this trip. The Cabot Trail is ranked #1 among both U.S. and Canadian island destinations by Travel and Leisure Magazine.

Play a round of golf on any one of the islands 6 golf courses before you head home.

The Eastern Townships, Quebec

The Eastern Townships are scenic, that’s for sure. Most people who come here are awed by the beauty within their own country – they never knew something like this existed.

Manoir Hovey is the most luxurious getaway for couples in this area, if you’re bringing your sweetheart.

Before you leave, make sure you visit Abbey of St Benoit-du-Lac. It’s a monastery in the region. Pick apples in their orchard, sample the cheeses, and listen to their Gregorian chants. It’s so peaceful.

Stratford Ontario

This is a short trip from Toronto, but makes for an awesome weekend getaway. This small town is charming, historic, and relaxed. But, it’s not boring.There’s the Stratford Festival that’s a “must” for theatre enthusiasts, and there’s a number of world-class restaurants that you have to try if you’re a foodie.

Of course, you can also just kick back and never leave your hotel room.

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Philip Hadsell is a travel consultant and driving enthusiast. Also an avid writer, he likes to post his ideas and insights online. His articles mainly appear on travel blogs.

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