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Valentine’s day is fast approaching and a romantic getaway is a perfect excuse to explore a new corner of the world. And it when it comes to dreamy European cities, there’s nowhere quite so magical as Prague.

Winding cobbled streets, cosy pubs on every corner, bohemian outdoor markets and breath-taking views no matter where you look, the so-called ‘golden city’ was made for couples. With careful planning, in just a short weekend break you can see all its varied sights and enjoy plenty of quality time with your other half.

To help you organise a faultless trip, we’ve put together five date ideas guaranteed to have you leaving the Czech Republic feeling blissfully loved up.

#1: Watch the Sunset From Charles Bridge

Lined with statues, the gothic Charles Bridge is Prague’s most recognisable landmarks and it looks it’s most beautiful at sunset.

Make it a proper date night by getting dolled up to the max in a killer dress and sharp suit, watch as the last few rays disappear and then head off for a candlelit dinner in one of the picturesque riverside bars and restaurants.

A good tip if you’re having a couple of wines is to pick up a business card for the hotel you’re staying at and keep it in your wallet. When you book a taxi at the end of the night you can hand them the card without having to worry about forgetting the address.

Lined with statues, the gothic Charles Bridge is Prague’s most recognisable landmarks and it looks it’s most beautiful at sunset.

Lined with statues, the gothic Charles Bridge is Prague’s most recognisable landmarks and it looks it’s most beautiful at sunset.

#2: Climb Petrin Hill

Offering stunning views across the whole city, a morning climb up Petrin hill is the perfect way to while away a few hours.

For those who don’t fancy the exercise, the funicular will take you straight to the top. Before you hop on, stop for ice cream at the nearby Angelato’s – it’s amazing and one of Prague’s hidden culinary gems.

#3: Explore Prague Castle

Supposedly the largest ancient castle in Europe, the sprawling Prague Castle is must-see for history buffs and one of the best things to do in Prague.

Nestled above the rooftops and busy tourist areas, it’s the perfect vantage point to get a true sense of the architectural diversity on display in the city. Play a game of spot-the-100-spires, then head inside the castle for a guided tour to learn more about its dramatic past.

#4: Experience the Old Town Square

For a true sense of the long and tumultuous history of Prague, the Old Town Square is the place to be.

As well as the several memorials and statues hidden about, there’s also the one-of-a-kind medieval astronomical clock to visit. Dating back to the 15th century, it attracts huge crowds as its hourly display starts.

For a true sense of the long and tumultuous history of Prague, the Old Town Square is the place to be.

For a true sense of the long and tumultuous history of Prague, the Old Town Square is the place to be.

#5: Take a Wander Hand in Hand

You can sign up to one of the many walking tours on offer, but taking a wander and figuring out the city by yourselves is much more romantic.

With crisscrossing alleys to explore and beautiful architecture to discover, you’ll be occupied all afternoon. Plus, as beer is a Czech diet staple, you’ll find plenty of relaxing taverns to warm up in throughout your stroll.


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  1. I watched a friend get engaged on the Charles Bridge. Indeed, Prague is a very romantic place. It’s pretty much a fairy tale town.

    • Amazing! Such a wonderful place for a proposal … I imagine the fairytale setting is a pretty good guarantee of a yes :D!

  2. It certainly is a romantic city. Just wandering the lane-ways and stopping in to a cafe here and there would be a perfect way to spend Valentines Day but I do love a good sunset so I would have to watch it over the Charles bridge

    • Sounds like the perfect way to spend the day Toni :) Have a great trip!

  3. Prague is on our bucket list and I really hope we can get there in the next year or so! All of these ideas are perfect for a romantic date! I especially love the idea of a romantic sunset at Charles Bridge or visiting the Castle. I don’t know how the ladies do it all in heels though! I wish I was that talented to walk the cobblestone streets in heels!

    • I wish I had that talent too! I’m so uncoordinated in heels on cobble stoned streets lol

      Hope you do have the chance to take in Prague this year – it’s one of my favorite destinations :)

  4. Amazing ideas! Europe has so many different romantic spots and Prague is definitely one of them! The sunset from that bridge sounds like a plan!

    • Can’t beat sunset on the bridge! Europe really is the hub for romantic destinations (Prague being my favorite :D)

  5. How funny, Meg, I just listed Prague as one of the 10 most beautiful cities in Europe that shouldn’t be missed. You are right, Prague is a very romantic travel destination.

    • Great minds must think alike! Can’t beat the beauty of Prague :)

  6. We absolutely love Prague! What a great post!

    • Thanks Victoria! Maybe we’ll bump into you on a return trip!

  7. A lovely roundup of ways to get romantic in Prague. It’s such a beautiful and charming city you really can’t go wrong in Prague. I’m planning on visiting Europe again this year and look forward to watching the sunset from Charles Bridge.

    • Have a wonderful trip Christina! Totally agree … you can really never go wrong with Prague!

  8. Valentines Day already !? Prague would be an awesome city to spend Valentines Day in. The laneways and their cobblestones are something of a fairytale alone I didn’t get to Petrin Hill – shame I missed that one by the sounds of it. I;m surprised the lure of that great ice-cream didn’t lead me there though, such is my love of it. Watching the sunset from the Charles Bridge would be just stunning as well. I was there mainly in the early mornings and in the cold !!

    • Close to it! Less than a month left now, so we figure people will be getting their travel plans into place :)

      Hope you have the chance to plan a return trip, and maybe take in a sunset which you can compare to those sunrises you’ve already seen!

  9. Prague is such a great city and these are awesome suggestions for making a valentines trip special! Love the idea of getting dolled up and watching the sun got down from the bridge!

    • Sunset on the bridge seems to be a crowd favorite … really is a great way to set a romantic mood :)

  10. Prague is fun. Date or not, I could spend a lot of time exploring this great city.

    • Totally agree with that! Excellent choice of destination for a solo or group trip as well :)

  11. I loved Prague when I first visited there! A bit crowdy in some places but surely a beauty :D I definitely vouch for the sunset view at Charles Bridge — though if one wants to avoid the crowd, going early for the sunrise view is equally spectacular :D Amazing post, Meg!

    • Thanks for the tip on sunrise Aileen! I’ve never been a morning person so I always sleep through it lol!

      But I do appreciate being able to enjoy attractions without having to share it with tourist crowds, so maybe sunrise is the way to go next time :)

  12. oh. this really is a very beautiful city and romantic.

    • Absolutely … Glad you had a fabulous time in Prague too :)

  13. I am from Prague and I agree with all points. It´s the romantic and charming city especially if you come as a tourist for the first time :)

    • Awesome Von! Such a fantastic city to be able to call home :)

  14. Enjoyed this read so much!

    • Thanks Becky!

  15. I went to Prague with my girlfriend 5-6 ago, but I’m afraid that we spent all our time in bars and on the next day we were too hungover to do any of these romantic things… We just went to the Old Town square but not in a romantic way!

    But we had so much fun and as I like to say, every couple or person is romantic in his/her own way!

    • I agree Joan, I think every couple or person has their own ways of being romantic together and appreciating special moments, and just the act of traveling together is quite romantic in itself :)

      Prague does have some pretty epic bars, so I don’t blame you for spending a lot of time club hopping :D! Glad you got to see Old Town and had fun :)

  16. That peach/golden sunset haze is just too perfect! Being a flaneur, wandering the streets of the Old Town, just sounds perfect. That bird’s eye shot is spectacular!

    • Isn’t it a spectacular color!! I want to head back to Prague with a Drone to capture some aerial shots … the perfect city for it!

  17. Even sunrise is amazing in Charles bridge. I managed to enjoy it several times during my 8 years long trip to Prague! :)

    • Fabulous Julius! I’ve never been a morning person lol so I’m not usually awake for sunrise, but you’re right, it’s usually just as incredible as sunset – with the added benefit of less crowds :)

      An 8 year trip to Prague sounds incredible – a good choice of destination to spend a really concentrated amount of time :)

  18. Hi Meg!
    It’s not the first time I’ve read your blog, I would even say I always read your blog before going on a trip to a new country. I want to make a surprise and go with my girlfriend on Valentine’s Day to Prague, coincided with your article. I decided to start preparing in advance. Maybe you can also give advice on where to stay? Our trip will last 3 nights and I want to find something magnificent. I look at different options, I also wanted to know your opinion.
    Thanks also for the ideas on where to spend time in Prague!

    • Hi Fedorov, thanks for reaching out, so glad to hear that you’re enjoying our content :)

      Valentines Day in Prague sounds wonderful! You’re girlfriend is in for a such fabulous surprise!

      Re a romantic place to stay, it obviously depends on your budget, but a couple of really exceptional places to stay include the Alchymist Prague Castle Suites, Grand Hotel Bohemia, or the Ventana Hotel Prague.

      Hope that helps! Have a wonderful Valentines getaway :)

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