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Destination Western Australia: Exciting Escapes for 4WD Enthusiasts

If you are looking for spectacular locations and some serious 4WD fun, there are plenty of awesome locations in Western Australia to head to for a memorable adventure.

There is such a diversity of choice, from areas with views of crystal clear coastal waters, vast river-way routes and some amazing National Parks, you are almost guaranteed to find a venue to satisfy every 4WD enthusiast.

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Here is a look at some the stunning destinations that are just waiting to be explored, and once you are fully stocked up on all your 4WD accessories, you will be ready to explore all that Western Australia has to offer you.

The Unique Attraction of Coral Coast

The Coral Coast has been home indigenous people for over for well over 40,000 years and this region of Western Australia offers visitors an insight into the ancient and recent maritime history, with numerous attractions that you will come across during your travels.

The area also gives you an excellent opportunity to experience a strong sense of what eco-tourism is all about, through the various spectacular landscapes seen throughout the Coral Coast area and the precious coral reefs, which are a site you will remember long after your holiday has ended.

If you head to Coral Bay, you will find a relatively small coastal resort which offers some beautiful sandy beaches, stretching from Ningaloo Marine Park through to the North West Cape.

Ningaloo Marine Park

When you pay a visit to Ningaloo Marine Park, you will soon realise why the area is often referred to as the Great Barrier Reef of Western Australia.

You might stumble across a very large Whale Shark whilst swimming in the waters, but you needn’t be unduly concerned by this special encounter, as they eat plankton and small fish rather than humans.

Plan your 4WD trip to this area to coincide with the spawning season which is between March and June, and when you are most likely to get to see a Whale Shark in the flesh.

Other highlights to consider if you are planning a driving adventure that includes a visit to Ningaloo Reef Marine Park, would be to visit when the Humpback Whales are migrating or when Manta Rays or Turtles are in view.

Eco-tourism Tours

If you head to the tip of cape you will arrive in Exmouth, which is probably one of the best places to join up with one of the popular eco-tourism tours that operate around the North West Cape area.

Close by is the Cape Range National Park, which is another amazing venue that stretches all along the western coastline of the North West Cape. You will also find some excellent beaches within the park area in addition to some simply stunning views courtesy of Shothole Gorge, Charles Knife Gorge and Yardie Creek Gorge.


Exmouth. Photo CC by Eulinky

If you fancy a different mode of transport for the day, park up the 4WD and take a very enjoyable boat trip along the Yardie Gorge.

Be Prepared

Western Australia offers you the chance to have a 4WD adventure that tackles a host of different terrains along the way.

One day you might be driving across dry desert sand conditions and on another day, you will have to adapt to wet sticky mud conditions.

You need to be prepared for everything that Western Australia has to offer in terms of different driving conditions, so make sure that your vehicle and you are well equipped for what lies ahead. To get the most of your 4WD exploration of this awe-inspiring area you need to have the skills to be able crawl slowly over a rocky terrain or use momentum to successfully negotiate some sand dunes.

If you apply the wrong driving method in the wrong conditions, it could have unfortunate circumstances, so make sure you are prepared, and be prepared for an exciting 4WD escape into Western Australia.

Lily Picot and her husband are always on the road in their 4WD. When they can’t go four-wheeling, she likes to research and write about the topic. You can read her interesting articles on a variety of blog sites.

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