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3 Cracking Tips for Settling Down in China

When westerners think of China, there’s no end to the clichés that’ll pour forth. Their tales from the Orient seem to stem entirely from Jackie Chan movies and the one time they watched Lost in Translation.

But martial arts and a bemused Bill Murray aside, there’s more to China than well-worn customs and fantastic noodles. In fact, many people who’ve visited this vast region decide to settle down and find a new home within the bustling mega-cities and well-toiled paddy fields.

According to the BBC, China is still a hotspot for job-hunters and, once you’ve familiarised yourself with its idiosyncratic culture, is teeming with friendly citizens.

If you wanted to move to China, what do you have to know?

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Know How to Move

Moving to the other side of your hometown is one thing, but moving to another continent is a whole other kettle of fish.

The difficulties of transporting large objects can be remedied with freight delivery, but that’s impractical for smaller keepsakes. And your keepsakes will be the things that comfort you during your initial settling-in period – you wouldn’t want to lose them on the journey.

For smaller items, find a delivery service used to carrying smaller items. When you want to send a parcel to China, you’ll be shelling out a small fortune – UNLESS you find a good value service.

Use a parcel delivery price comparison site to find a bargain or two and ensure your company is reliable. The last thing you want is to wait for aeons in a foreign country without any of your home comforts.

Photo CC by Thomas Depenbusch

Understand the Culture

China is a country in tension, both involved in and opposed to capitalism. Its idiosyncrasies are manifold, and can feel alienating to newcomers. And while this can be interesting and stimulating for holidaymakers, it can become depressing to feel left out when you live somewhere new.

Before you live in China, learn the language (this isn’t as easy as it sounds), read up on the cultural minutiae and figure out ways to ingratiate yourself with the locals. Pretty soon, you’ll have found some native friends who understand that you respect their culture.

Photo CC by Padmanaba01

Find Pals Fast

Not having friends in your new digs can be difficult, and your pals back home will only tolerate long, whining and lonesome phone calls for so long.

In order to have friendly acquaintances BEFORE you reach China, check out forums designed specifically for expatriates. These people will welcome you with open arms and, fingers crossed, introduce you to a wide pool of new friends.

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