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The Arctic

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The Arctic is the polar region of Earth that surrounds the North Pole. It includes the Arctic Ocean, numerous islands, and the northernmost parts of Canada, Finland, Greenland, Norway, Russia, Sweden, and the United States.

Here you will also find content from destinations like as Iceland and the Faroe Islands, which might fall just shy of the southern boundary of the Arctic Circle, but offer the same type of Arctic experiences.

White Water Rafting in Iceland with Arctic Adventures.

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White Water Rafting in Iceland with Arctic Adventures.

If you were dared to jump from a cliff in the middle of a magnificent canyon in Iceland, and plunge into arctic waters for some glacial river swimming, would you do it? What if you were dared to jump into a raft and navigate your way through some of the most pumping waves and rapids South Iceland has to offer? Well, I’m daring you now! White Water Rafting is a fairly epic adventure, and Iceland is a pretty spectacular location for it. Rafting the Hvítá River with Arctic Adventures was a fantastic way to explore Southern Iceland, and a...

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