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Adventure has been the new sexy for a while now, and men and women who travel are continually redefining the traditional notion of “sexy” through their passion for exploring the world and their adventurous souls.

With these qualities in mind, two years ago we launched an annual “Sexiest Travelers of the Year” series. A way to recognize the adventurous spirit and inspiring lifestyles of those who are enthusiastic about the world, and pass on that enthusiasm to you.

With over 150 nominations for 2017, this year we have turned the popular series into a 100 page digital magazine! Think high resolution, colorful profiles of your favorite travelers, plus those you haven’t been introduced to yet! As well as fabulous articles, travel tips and advice, and some very sexy photos!

The Sexiest Travelers of 2017!

100 Pages for Just $1.99

Sexiest Travelers of 2017 Magazine