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6 Things to do in St. Lucia Beyond the Beach!

6 Things to do in St. Lucia Beyond the Beach!

When you think of the Caribbean, Jamaica or Cuba might at the top of your mind. However, in the midst of the many stunning islands of this region is a gem that literally stands out from the rest: St.Lucia!

This beautiful mountainous island is well known as the worlds #1 honeymoon destination: its array of luxury hotels with gold sand beaches tucked between green towering hills make St.Lucia appear to be the perfect place for lazy days on the beach and laying in the sun sipping pina coladas.

However, the amazing things to do in St.Lucia go far beyond the beach, and to not partake in anything else here would truly do yourself a disservice.

From 2,619 ft volcanic peaks to warm waterfalls, here are 6 amazing things you can experience in St.Lucia, in addition to enjoying the sand, sun, and sea.

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