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Things to Do in Lahore, Pakistan

Things to Do in Lahore, Pakistan

Considered to be the cultural capital of Pakistan, Lahore is a walled city known for cultural and historic sites, in the province of Punjab (in fact it’s the capital). This is a metropolitan city rich in culture, where you’ll find plenty of traditional shopping, architecture, and Pakistani cuisine, and an energetic local spirit, where locals often flash mob dance in the rain!

Pakistan might be considered an off the beaten path destination, but much of Lahore is incredibly accessible; Urdu might be the national languague, however most signs are bilingual, and locals are typically fluent in English. Getting to Lahore is easy too, with direct international flights, and can be quite affordable with deals frequently sold on dxb to lahore flights when you’re traveling from Dubai.

So, from history, to culture, and Pakistani food, what are some of the specific things to do in Lahore? Plan for 3-4 days so you can fit in everything there is to do!

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