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What is the Most Luxurious Casino in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is a hotspot of entertainment in addition to being the most vibrant gambling hub in the world. Many of those who travel to Sin City don’t do it exclusively for gambling, but do find themselves exploring casinos.

There are so many places to visit and play, that when the time is of the essence, it is impossible to see most of them. So if you could only choose one casino in Vegas to visit, which is the most luxurious?

Encore and Wynn are twin hotels with a casino that ranks at the top of the list in most of the reviews written by players, travelers and industry experts. It checks all the boxes and never fails to impress, with amazing accommodation, brilliant hotel rooms and gaming options.

Why is Wynn Las Vegas the Best?

Wynn Las vegas

There is tremendous competition among Las Vegas casinos and the very best are separated by the tiniest of things. Wynn tops the list for it’s attention to detail and attention to even the smallest luxuries.

The floor-to-ceiling hotel windows make players feel better than at home and provide an exceptional view of the city. Spacious rooms, outstanding maintenance and cleanliness are to be expected and there’s a short walk from the hotel for the casino.

Whether you’re used to playing on the casino floor, or in  the best online casinos in Canada, it’s an even playing field at the Wynn Las Vegas. And monthly competitions offer players the chance to win a return all-inclusive trip back to Las Vegas.

Photo credit: Håkan Dahlström

The Hotel

Peppers Silo Hotel Review

Wynn Las Vegas is preferred by high-rollers, and many of those who come here over occasionally stay at the sister hotel and neighbor, Encore.

These five-star hotels offer preferential treatment to their residents and provide them with multiple incentives to play in the casino. With more than 2,000 rooms and an opulent style, the hotel is guaranteed to appeal to solo and business travelers, as well as couples.

Expensive by Las Vegas standards, this amazing hotel is still reasonably priced for what it offers. Had it been located in another major American city, the prices would’ve been significantly higher.

The advantages of having a room in the building are that players can take a break whenever they want, visit the fitness center and spa and then return to the tables refreshed. Especially for poker players who need to stay focused for many hours in a row, this advantage is particularly important.

The Casino Experience

Casino RF

When it comes to Las Vegas hotels and casinos, the synergy is self-evident and the location seems to be everything. Wynn Las Vegas is so good that people who reside at other hotels and resorts choose to come here for gambling.

The casino itself is exceptional in its own right and bears many similarities to the luxurious hotel. The meticulous design catches the eye of even the busiest and most focused players who think about nothing, but the games.

As they navigate the great hallways and pass next to hot nightclubs such as Encore Beach Club and Surrender, the mood is definitely set for gambling. This is where the outdoor casino at the European Pool suddenly becomes the number one destination for playing the best games.

Inside the casino, thousands of players experience the thrills of table games, slots and video pokers popular in brick-and-mortar casinos. Not surprisingly, the most active tables are the ones dedicated to roulette, blackjack and craps.

The social nature of these games encourages human interaction and even those who don’t play, like to be part of the excitement. For all the luxury and opulence of the casino and hotel, the stakes are more than reasonable and the games are accessible to casual players.

Drinks are on the house and players who want to take some time off from gambling get to choose between a dozen restaurants. Conveniently located, they render the need of leaving the casino and wander the streets of Las Vegas, unnecessary.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Wynn Las Vegas is probably the best hotel and casino in Sin City and each year it continues to meet and exceed the highest expectations.


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