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I’ve been hearing more and more about timeshares lately, so I wanted to do a little more research to see if I can help save you all some money.

To start, let me explain the basics of timeshare. A timeshare is a product of pre-paid vacation time. You can buy timeshare at one of your favorite resorts and secure a week or two at that resort each year without worrying about the quality of the resort or how much it is going to cost every year.

Timeshares can also be a great deal when purchased or rented on the resale market. One company that advertises timeshares for sale and rent by owner on the resale market is

My Review

During my research into timeshares I kept seeing at the top of the search results. I became curious as to what they were offering and quickly learned that they are a timeshare resale marketplace advertising timeshares for sale and rent by owner.

When a timeshare is bought directly through a resort developer, up to 50% of its cost is made up of marketing fees, sales commissions and staff overhead. When a timeshare is bought, or rented through an existing owner on a timeshare resale marketplace such as, the cost is typically 50% less than the price at the resort.

So why would you ever want to buy or rent a timeshare directly through a resort? You wouldn’t, which is why I wanted to focus today’s post on reviewing

Pool vacation

Renting a TimeShare

I don’t think I’m necessarily ready to go out and buy a timeshare at this point, so let’s search for some rentals deals and see if anything seems worthwhile.

In looking at timeshares in Las Vegas, I noticed a few steals on this site. It looks like some owners are advertising their timeshares for rent for as low as $150 for a week. Doubt I’ll find a 3 or 4-star hotel in Vegas for $21 per night. Not too shabby.

Next up, Disney World in Orlando. Again, does not seem to disappoint. There are a few Orlando resorts being advertise for rent for as low as $150 as well. Count me in!

Buying a TimeShare

What about actually buying a timeshare though? I’ve learned that if I were to buy a timeshare I should probably get a better understanding of how the product works. Apparently, not all timeshares are the same.

For example, some timeshare products, such as WorldMark by Wyndham, are points-based and allow owners to use their annual allotment of points towards vacation time at any one of the many WorldMark resorts. Other timeshares are more traditional and do not have this flexibility. Instead, you buy the timeshare and stay at the same resort each year.

These are the more traditional timeshares thbuat aren’t as common nowadays. Though, owners of these more traditional timeshares can usually take advantage of the exchange services of RCI and II to exchange their timeshare for a different resort somewhere else. Even so, if I were to buy a timeshare I think I’d want to go with a points-based timeshare for more flexibility.

Timeshares for sale on vary drastically in price. I saw some priced at $20,000, which is more like the typical sale price at the resort, and others at just $500. I guess it depends on the quality of the resort, the location and the timeshare brand. I don’t think I’ll be buying a timeshare before renting one, but if you’d like to, the option is there.

Timeshare rentals offer amenities with which a hotel room doesn’t even compare

Anything Else to Know?

Before jumping on those rental deals I found earlier I wanted to do some more research as a company. They’ve been in business since 2000 and are members of national timeshare organizations, ARDA, CRDA and AMDETUR. They also have a stream of positive customer reviews on their homepage. Good enough for me!

The next time you’re looking to buy, rent or sell timeshare, give a look.

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  1. Renting through a time share sounds like a great option! I would never buy direct, the resale market is the only way that I would consider a purchase.

    • Absolutely Jen – the resale market has far higher value for money if you’re planning on purchasing :)

  2. I never heard about time shares before. Your post definitely provide some clarification about the concept and the importance of Next time I will consider buying via time share!

    • Glad the post was helpful for your Daphne, and that we could introduce you to the concept of time shares :) I do recommend giving a rental a go before you jump in and buy, to make sure it’s right for you :) is great as they offer both options.

      Happy travels!

  3. My grandparents have time shares and they absolutely LOVE them. I don’t know if I think it’s right for me, but I have definitely loved being able to use theirs! My husband and I got to stay in an INCREDIBLE condo on Kaua’i through their timeshares and it was a great experience.

    • Well if you’re ever feeling nostalgic for a time share, you can always rent instead of purchasing something :) Your grandparents condo on Kaua’i sounds amazing! XX

  4. Oh this is a great comprehensive post about buying a timeshare. I never considered it but at least I know I shouldn’t get it directly from a place. Thanks for the info!

    • Glad we could offer some in depth about timeshares Sarah! Definitely look at resale as opposed to buying direct if you decide to go down that path :)

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