Dirt Biking for Kids: What to Know & Where to Go

Sales of dirt bikes have surged since the pandemic hit. This is one adventure that can be enjoyed anywhere in the world, and kids as young as three are getting in on the action, making it a great activity to enjoy as a family.

With just a few months to go before I give birth to my first baby boy, I’m already worried about what kind of mischief he will get up to; balls in the house, skateboarding accidents, and viral social media challenges like the recent Tik Tok Milk Crate Challenge.

At first, the thought of dirt bikes terrified me, but after reading up I found that they are actually quite safe and a great way to get your kids outside and away from staring at screens.

Like anything, it’s about being prepared rather than preventing your child from experiences. Learning to ride a dirt bike at a young age can set up your child for better success when it comes to driving a vehicle later on, and can be a rather safe activity with the right equipment and teaching your kids the correct safety procedures.

If your child has shown interest in dirt bikes, here are some things I learned which will help get them prepared to ride and kick start their dream of exploring the world on two wheels.