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100 years ago no more than a handful of people had journeyed to Antarctica, however today around 30,000 travelers visit each year. And we’re ridiculously excited to announce that next year, we will be too!

Antarctica remains one of the most unique destinations on earth, and expeditions are available to the average person seeking an exceptional experience. We’re looking forward to spectacular glacial lagoons, dramatic icebergs, breaching whales and deep-diving seals. To stepping out of our boat for hikes through ice fields, kayaking adventures, and camping overnight on the most remote continent in the world!

Being Australia’s most diverse Antarctic operator, we’re booked for February 2017 with Chimu Adventures. We’ll be traveling on their Pure Antarctica cruise; here’s a sneak peak at some of the stories, photos and videos you can look forward to!!

For more information on Antarctica travel visit the Chimu Adventures Antarctica Resource Centre.

Our Antarctica Itinerary with Chimu Adventures

Day 1: Ushuaia, Argentina

Ushuaia is the most southernmost city in the world, the capital of Tierra del Fuego and the starting point for many Antarctic voyages.

We will explore the city and enjoy the views of the Beagle Channel and the mountains surrounding Ushuaia. We are particularly looking forward to Tierra del Fuego National Park which can be reached by the “End of the World Train”.

Day 2: Embarkation

Embarkation on the Sea Spirit begins in the afternoon at the port in Ushuaia. We will be greeted by our Expedition Team and ship’s officers at a safety and orientation briefing followed by the Captain’s welcome dinner.

After dinner, we plan to relax and take in the mountainous scenery on our early evening sail down the Beagle Channel past magellanic penguin, rock cormorant and sea lion colonies.

Days 3: & 4 Crossing the Drake Passage

The Drake Passage spans 965 kms from the top of South America to the South Shetland Islands. Wildlife spotting opportunities as we sail south include albatross, prions and petrels, as well as whales and dolphins that are often seen in the area.

We’re looking forward to hearing from on board experts who are set to hold presentations on the wildlife, history and geology of Antarctica. Special guest Andrew Denton will be involved in the lecture program with some of his favourite tales of Antarctic exploration, as well as an entertaining view on his career highlights.

We should approach the sub-Antarctic South Shetland Islands in the evening of day 4, hopefully making a landing ashore on these incredible Islands.

Antarctica cruise.



Days 5 & 6: South Shetland & Antarctic Peninsula

The land of superlatives, Antarctica! We’re told that our Expedition Leader and Captain will create a flexible itinerary based on weather, ice and opportunity to optimize Zodiac landings and wildlife viewing.

The route will highlight the most scenic bays and channels of the Peninsula with stops at penguin rookeries, seal wallows, bird colonies and whale feeding areas as well as sites of historic and scientific interest.

There may also be the opportunity for the more adventurous to take a polar plunge, maybe in Neko Harbour or the relatively warm waters of volcanic Deception Island.

Days 7 – 9: Antarctic Peninsula & Continent

As we head south along the Antarctic Peninsula we pass picturesque Neko Harbour, sheltered Paradise Harbour, the humpback whale favoured Wilhelmina Bay, the striking Lemaire Channel (affectionately known as “Kodak Alley”), the wildlife-filled Penola Channel or the majestic Neumayer Channel.

Zodiac cruises provide fantastic opportunities to pass alongside massive icebergs, the cracks and crevices reflecting an amazing spectrum of blue colours. If feasible we will stop at an active scientific base such as Poland’s Arctowksi or Ukraine’s Vernadskiy, where we can sample vodka distilled on location.

Adélie, chinstrap and gentoo penguins abound and Weddell, crabeater and elephant seals are often found hauled out to rest along with predatory leopard seals and the aggressive Antarctic fur seal. Minke and humpback whales are frequent visitors in February and orca sightings are also common.

We fully intend to spend a night during this time on the ice, camping and experiencing Antarctica’s twilight from close quarters. Kayaking is also available during this time.





Days 10 & 11: Drake Passage

We will continue our presentation series and wildlife spotting as we sail back to Ushuaia and reflect on beautiful Antarctica and its fragile future.

Day 12: Disembarkation in Ushuaia

We are scheduled to arrive into Ushuaia in the early hours of Day 12. We disembark after breakfast and catch a flight to Buenos Aires to make our way home via Santiago (Chile).

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Megan is an Australian Journalist and award-winning travel writer who has been blogging since 2007. Her husband Mike is the American naturalist and wildlife photographer behind Waking Up Wild; a website dedicated to opening your eyes to the wild & natural world.

Committed to bringing you the best in adventure travel from all around the globe, there is no mountain too high, and no fete too extreme! They haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on their list.

Follow their journey on Facebook, TwitterYouTube, Pinterest and Instagram.

Photo credits: Featured photo by Andreas Kambanis. Ushuaia photos by José BevevinoDavid Stanley & CucombreLibre. Cruise ship by Tracie Travels. Following four photos (penguins, zodiac and seal) by ravas51. A zodiak seen through a hole in the ice and close up Zodiac by Andreas Kambanis. Seal on ice and research stations by ravas51.

Disclosure: Our cruise will be sponsored by Chimu Adventures. 


  1. How exciting! I love cruising and haven’t yet been to Antarctica. These photos are really inspiring. I can’t wait to read and follow your adventures.

    • Thanks Rhonda! We’re ridiculously excited, we’ve developed a passion for cruising recently too, and this is definitely the ultimate trip!!

  2. That is looking like one fantastic ice cold trip! I look forward to reading about your actual trip and hope that Chimu Adventures do a good job! Stay safe. Cheers

    • Thanks Gagan! We’ve heard amazing reviews of Chimu, so have no doubt it will be a spectacular trip :)

  3. Go have a blast hun :) Antarctica is high on my bucket list – I am gonna see it from your eyes till I get a chance to visit :) Looking forward to the posts that follow.

    • Thanks Jo!! Hopefully you’ll be on a cruise yourself one day soon :) X

  4. So awesome! A Bucket List destination if there ever was one! Can’t wait to read your trip report!

    • Thanks Anne! Watch this space come February! :)

  5. This has to be one of the most fascinating cruises in the world. Enjoy Meg!

    • Agree whole heartedly!! We can’t wait :) Thankyou!

  6. Hi Megan!

    Exciting news for sure! Hopefully we can make it down there some day with the kids. They would adore those penguins 24/7 lol! It’s such a beautiful and untouched place. As always, we’re looking forward to reading all about it!

    Safe travels,


    • Thanks Carrick! I hope you do have the chance to travel to Antarctica with the kids one day – it would be such an amazing and educational experience for them!

      Watch this space in Feb 2017! :)

  7. OMG Your on the same cruise as my husband and I!! Look forward to meeting you :-)

    • Small world!! We look forward to meeting you come February! EXCITING!!! :D

  8. Wow, this looks like a great adventure! I would love to see Antarctica and will definitely add it to my bucket list. Have fun and take lots of pictures.

    • Thanks Alice! We can’t wait :) Lots of pictures is something we can guarantee :D

  9. That is so exciting! Antarctica is such a unique and beautiful place, I hope to get there someday. I will be pretty happy to read about your adventures!

    • Thanks Jen! I hope you have the chance to travel soon too! :)

  10. My current level of excitement is so high for you! This is my ABSOLUTE dream trip. I have been planning to take my husband for either our 5 year or 10 year anniversary. <3 Have a wonderful time love

    • Thanks so much Nicki!! This would be such a wonderful trip for your anniversary … so special to share such an incredible experience with the one you love :)

      Hope you guys have the chance to make it happen soon! X

  11. Everything about that looks so gorgeous and absolutely exciting! I’d be tempted just to see the penguins and sea lions, but honestly it really does sound like the trip of a lifetime. Hope that it is fabulous! And I’ve pinned this to my bucket list board!

    • Thankyou so much Patricia! Hopefully you’ll have the opportunity to organize a cruise at some stage soon too! :)

  12. Oh wow, what an experience! I’d love to visit the Antartic, but think it will take me some time to save the money. Definitely worth it for a once in a lifetime experience.

    • It’s definitely one of those trips which is worth saving up for :) Hope it happens for you! X

  13. This has to be the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while! Cool…hehehe. But seriously, it’s a DREAM to go there. I’m hoping one day I’ll make it to the end of the earth and see what’s it like to hang with the penguin ;)

    • Thanks Jessica! Haha pun intended right :D I hope you have the opportunity to organize a trip and hang with a couple of penguins soon!

  14. This is so exciting! I have always been intrigued by Antarctica, then after reading the book, “Where’d Ya Go Bernadette,” I have been even more inspired to visit! I would have to make sure I had good meds for seasickness though! I can’t wait to read all about your adventures and your experience with Chimu!

    • Thanks Megan! I haven’t read “Where’d Ya Go Bernadette” yet, so will add that to our reading list before we go. I’m trying to organize as many Antarctica titles before I head on the cruise, so appreciate the tip!

      Yep, we’re going to make sure we’re set up with Dramamine in case of seasickness so we’re covered there. Watch this space for updates come Feb!

  15. That looks like an amazing trip! I can’t wait to read more about how it is when you get there and what you see. It just sounds awesome though.

    • We can’t wait!! Watch this space for February updates :) Thanks Hallie!

  16. Oh my god, this sounds absolutely incredible! I just recently started having this insane desire to make my way to Antarctica! I will definitely be following along on this trip and I can’t wait to see the review of your cruise! Congrats!

    • Thanks Paige! I hope we can suitably inspire you to plan your own trip!! Watch this space for February updates :)

  17. Megan, I am so jealous! This is an incredible trip that I have always wanted to do but had to postpone because of $$$$$. Hope to do it one day .

    • Thanks so much Nisha!! It’s definitely an experience which is more pricey than others, but well worth the money all things considered! Hope you have the chance to save enough for a cruise :) X

  18. Wow! This looks like a dream trip! My kids would love to go to Antarctica (as would I). Looking forward to following your adventure on social media.

    • Thanks Shobha! Hopefully we can suitably inspire a family trip for you in the future!

  19. Sounds quite literally like a trip of a lifetime! Antarctica is one of those places that is still able to hold so much intrigue. I have heard that catching the boat from South America requires some serious travel sickness tabs!! All the best for an awesome journey and an experience, no doubt, like no other.

    • Absolutely Kerri! We’ll have Dramamine with us in case of any motion sickness, though here’s hoping we won’t have to put it to use!

  20. I would love to cruise in Antartica and experience all of these. It is like a dream but it is close to reality for me now but i just need to work harder and save more.

    • Definitely a worthy goal to work towards!

  21. Owmeen you two are so lucky!!! Can you pack me in your suitcase? hahaha Antartica should be fun, never mind the cold, it is one awesome experience for sure!

    • Thanks Carla! Haha we’ve already had a few offers from people willing to fill out our suitcases but will let you know if we have room to smuggle you :D

  22. As you know, I am SEETHING with immense jealousy and hatred to you right now! Hehehe – Antarctica is THE #1 place I really wanna visit and will be following your journey with lots of excitement.

    Nice one guys and seriously -make the most of it – what an amazing experience this will be :)

    • Thanks Stefan!! Hopefully you guys will have the chance to visit for yourselves soon too! XX

  23. OMG I am so envious right now. This is totally on my bucket list. What a truly fabulous adventure you are going to have.

    • Truly can’t wait! Hope you have the chance to travel eventually too Anne! Watch this space for our updates :)

  24. So thrilled for you- talk about a bucket list worthy adventure! Can’t wait to see the photos.

    • Thanks Tamara!! We can’t wait!! Photos are a guarantee :D

  25. Wow! I’m excited to follow along, as this will be an epic adventure. Cruising is such a great way to see new places and Antarctica looks like it will not disappoint you. I’m anxious to see your pictures.

    • Thanks Sara!! Watch this space :D

  26. I’m so excited for you! This sounds like an incredible itinerary! Antarctica has long been on my list, so I’ll be following your adventures and wishing I was there.

    • Thanks Erika!! We can’t wait!!

  27. This is going to be an amazing experience! Ushuaia is a delightful town and is absolutely gorgeous. It’s amazing to me how much wildlife can survive in what is such an inhospitable place for humans.

    • Can’t wait, and yes, we’re equally as excited to explore Ushuaia too. I watched Planet Earth II this week, and there was a segment on what wildlife go through to survive in the Antarctic climate – it’s tough!! I’m impressed by their ability to survive there too!

  28. Wow, wow! Those penguins! What an amazing adventure you’re having. Thanks for taking us with you!

    • Glad to have you along! Watch this space in Feb 2017 :)

  29. This sounds absolutely aweseome! I am so very happy for you guys.
    So my question is this, I saw your article about how You got to go to Antartica but this tour group is around $10K…why is it so expensive!!
    Is there a way for the locals to go…like the Galapagos is much cheaper if you do it locally!

    • Hi Eric :) All tours to Antarctica are expensive, whether you’re a local or not, because it’s a big expedition to undertake, and the only way to get there is by cruise (though you can take flights now too but the cost is about the same).

      It’s of the most isolated and remote places on earth, so the cost is reflective of what it takes to get there. Obviously locals don’t have to pay for the flights to get to Argentina which makes it more expensive for people like us though.

      That said, you can considerably cut down your costs by not booking your trip in advance. Last minute deals are readily available for those willing to show up in Ushuaia in November/December; you may need to be flexible with dates, and you may not be able to get on a cruise if they’re booked out, however you can potentially save a few thousand dollars this way.

      Hope that helps!!

  30. I’m so insanely jealous of this trip! It’s on my bucket list for sure. I can’t wit to follow along!

    • Hope you have the chance to travel soon too! Updates coming at you soon :D

  31. Ahh! Congrats Meg! This one will be amazing. Can’t wait to read about it and see your photos!

    • Thanks Anna! Can’t wait! Photos and stories coming at you soon :D

  32. Sound like an amazing experience, something most will never do. It always looks so barren and desolate, perfect for the wildlife to live in peace and untouched. Can’t wait to see the pictures and hear all about the wildlife, weather and the ship.

    • I’ve been dying to travel here for the longest time, watching many different documentaries from people who have traveled in the past. Wildlife is our biggest draw. Can’t wait!

  33. Very exciting! Antarctica has long been on my bucket list. I even applied for the position at the Antarctica Post Office last year when they opened it up to go and live there for six months. Enjoy!

    • Thanks Jennifer! I remember when they were advertising that post – I was tempted to apply too :D Definitely one of the most unique jobs for someone to say they’ve held!

  34. Sounds like a heck of an adventure Meg! This is a dream I hope I’ll be able to make come true someday!

    • I hope the same for you too Natasha! :)

  35. That is super exciting. I’ve always wanted to go on one of those cruises. I’m excited to see how it goes and what you like the most. I’m sure the pictures will be insane! Have a great time.

    • Thanks Laura! Happy to answer any questions that might help you choose a cruise too :)

  36. Lucky you guys! Have a great time and we look forward to hear more about it through your future posts. Cheers!

    • Thanks guys!!

  37. Interesting. I’ve been curious about whether or not I’d want to make the trek to Antarctica some day. This tour seems like a great way to do it. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hopefully we can suitably inspire you to book your own cruise!

  38. How exciting …. This has been on my bucket list forever… I will surely follow you on your adventure :) . Take as many pics as you can of penguins :) and if possible bring one back with you HAHAHAHHAHAH

    • Thanks Kanika! I think our only issue with photos of penguins is going to be having too many!! Haha I don’t think they let you bring those home but we’ll see :D

  39. Firstly oh my goodness I am so excited for you!! Secondly, I am crazily jealous! What a wonderful experience for you!! I’m shocked so many people go to Antarctica now- 30,000 sounds like loads of visitors!! Enjoy the Shetland islands, I hope you do get to go onshore and explore!

    • Thanks Maddy!!! 30,000 does sounds like a lot of visitors doesn’t it! Especially since there’s only a short window of travel each season (tours only run from end of October – March).

      But that said there are many companies who don’t allow land based excursions and offer more of a “look but not touch” experience, so that cuts down on the number of people who go ashore. We made it a priority to book with a company who let us get out and explore :D

  40. Amazing blog with easthetically pleasing pictures, Antartica hasn’t been on my bucket list yet but I honestly think that I should consider to do so, because what I’ve seen is beyond beautiful

    • Thanks Hannah :) Hopefully you can follow our adventures come February and we can convince you it’s a worthy place for your bucketlist!

  41. This honestly looks like the most exciting adventure I could imagine…Growing up NZ, Antarctica never seemed too far away, yet impossibly difficult (and expensive) to get to! My sister went on a small cruise there a couple of years ago and her photos are simply stunning! Apart from one part of the cruise where everyone on board was throwing up in the rough seas. But apart from that – it sounded amazing as does your upcoming trip.

    • We’re the same, having grown up in Australia it’s never seemed too far away. Funny that we fly to Argentina to embark though!

      Oh no, sorry to hear that your sister’s cruise was rough! We’ll be stocking up on Dramamine before we go in case of any motion sickness. It’s worked wonders for me in the past!

  42. This sounds beyond amazing. The Drake Passage, the Shetland Islands … penguins! Really it’s one of the last unexplored frontiers. You will have the adventure of a lifetime.

    • Thanks Carol! We’re really looking forward to the trip :)

  43. One day i want to go… I hate the cold but this is really amazing. I will wait to go with my 2 year girl :)

    • One of those amazing destinations definitely worth braving the cold for! Hope you have the chance to travel soon! :)

  44. I hope you get some cool wildlife on the Drake Passage! I can only imagine what it will be like to step foot on the peninsula and explore the icy shores. Looks like Chimu Adventures organizes the best tours!

    • Thanks Michael! Wildlife is our biggest passion so we hope so too! Yes, we’re super psyched to be heading over with Chimu Adventures … it’s one of those trips that you want to do properly so you’re guaranteed an amazing time :)

  45. Oh man, I am seriously SOOO jealous! This is really at the top of my bucket list but feels unattainable. I looked on the Chimu site though and its actually far more affordable than I would have thought! You are going to have such an amazing time, I can’t wait to read all about it. Have you heard anything about the roughness that Drake passage is known for?? I had heard it was really rough and that makes me a bit hesitant as well.

    • It’s been at the top of our bucketlist for what feels like forever too! But we’ve been slowly working up to it, and yes, the cruises are quite affordable when we were thinking it would be double that to go!! That said, it is twice the cost to leave from Australia, which is why we’re flying to Argentina for the cruise.

      I’ve heard quite a lot about the roughness of the Drake Passage, but we’re going to be armed with Dramamine to combat any motion sickness which might ensue. It’s worked wonders for me in the past, and it’s non drowsy which means we don’t have to miss any of the action :D

      Watch out for our updates come Feb and I’ll let you know how we go with the seas.

  46. Antarctica does send the adrenaline racing.I can understand how you must be feeling. Have a great adventure and come back with wonderful stories. And yes, so not forget to say hi to the penguins on our behalf!

    • Thanks Vyjay! We will definitely say hi for you!

  47. One of a very few destinations I doubt I’m going to visit – mostly because of costs.
    Great itinerary – it’s gOing to be a true adventure!

    • Thanks Monika! Hopefully you can get there one day. Definitely one of more expensive travel experiences out there which is going to require some pretty hectic saving, but so worthwhile if you can set the goal! XXX

  48. Your photos are INCREDIBLE. What an amazing part of the world! My jaw would literally be on the floor the entire time. Great post, thanks for sharing :)

    • Thanks Lauren :) Not our photos as we haven’t been yet, but hopefully ours will be just as great!

  49. Your trip will be so much fun!! Can’t wait to explore Antartica through your eyes. We loved Ushuaia when we were there. The seafood from the Beagle Channel is unique and be sure to try the Centolla (King Crab)….like nothing you have tasted before :) Can’t wait to see your ice camping pics….this will be a fabulous experience :)

    • Thanks Rosemary!! We’re really looking forward to Ushuaia as well, have heard some amazing things about the fresh seafood!!

  50. Wow guys, what a lucky break. Antarctica is surely a huge bucket list destination. Looking forward to seeing your pictures and hearing your stories in the near future!

    • Thanks Mar! We truly can’t wait!!!

  51. Oh wow, that sounds like an amazing trip! I’m sure you guys will have a fantastic time. Looking forward to hearing more about your trips and seeing all the photos!

    • Thanks Vicky! Watch this space come Feb 2017! :)

  52. OMG!!
    That’s an experience of a lifetime! How excited you must be! Antartica is my travel dream, but also I trip that scares me a lot. I love to be on the ocean, but I heard that the trip can be very rough, and I’m not sure I can cope with seasickness… But I bet the beauty of Antartica is a remedy for everything.
    Enjoy every second of the trip!

    • Yes! We’re so excited!! We’ve heard a lot about how rough the Drake Passage can be too, so we’re arming ourselves with a lot of Dramamine to combat motion sickness. It’s always worked for me in the past, so hopefully this won’t be any exception :)

  53. This just sounds like *the* most incredible trip! I hope that you get good weather so that you weather so that you get lots of opportunities to head out on the Zodiacs. Do you think you’ll brave the polar plunge?! Look forward to following along on this fabulous adventure.

    • Thanks Katja! I’m hoping for good weather too! Obviously all land excursions are dependent on the conditions on the say, so hopefully it’s clear and safe enough to head out :)

      I’m thinking I might go for the polar plunge … when in Antarctica right!!

  54. Wow!! What an epic adventure you are about to have. I have never even dreamed of heading to Antartica… I have never read anything about visiting actually. But, it looks incredible!

    • Hopefully you can follow along come February and be inspired to add it to your bucket-list :D!

  55. So jealous right now. This sounds amazing and congratulations for the trip. I can’t wait to see the pictures. I hope you have lots of fun and acquire a pet penguin (not really but I like the idea)

    • Thanks Jennifer!! Should be the trip of a lifetime! Haha I’m not sure if they let you bring those back home, but I wouldn’t be against acquiring a pet penguin lol

  56. Megan & Mike,
    How incredible is this!! Back in 2015 you wrote about Antartica and now you are heading there! You must be thrilled and sooooooo excited! You better make sure you take the right clothes haha
    We have just come back from Trekking to Everest Base Camp, and it was unbelievably beautiful.
    Looking forward to the article talking about your experience!

    • Hi Telma!! Yes! We wrote up our guide to Antarctica based on all the research we’d done back in 2015, and now actually get to go! So excited for the trip!! H

      Massive congrats on trekking Everest Base camp – what an awesome experience it would have been for you! I’ll have to jump over to your site to stalk your photos! :)

  57. As a Canadian who somewhat accustom to snow and cold (it comes every year but I still don’t like it…lol), Antartica looks figgin’ COLD :) I do love penguins and icebergs are impressive. I would love to fly my drone around there!!

    • Bahaha yes, it’s definitely going to take cold to another level that’s for sure!! Not sure how I’m going to react to the Polar Plunge, but I figure we’re only in Antarctica once right!!

      I actually did research into drones, and apparently they’re banned from being used there. I was going to save up and buy one just for this trip, but they’ve enacted regulations to prohibit them. Good to have known before I bought it!!

  58. Nice one Meg! Maybe we’ll bump into each other in Antarctica! ;)

    • See you there! ;)

  59. This is aaaahhhhhhmazing Meg!! Wow! I’m SO excited for you and equally excited to follow your journey. I can’t even imagine what that’s going to be like. Humpback whales?! Polar Bears?! So cool! And imagine all the stars that will be out – the air must be so clear there.

    • Thanks Francesca!!!! No Polar Bears in the Antarctic, but hoping for Humpack Whales and a range of other amazing wildlife for sure!

      I’m counting down to February instead of Christmas right now lol!!

  60. Meg, did you get to camp on Antarctica with Chimu?

    • Hi Anna, yes we did, it was incredible! I have a post coming out about Camping soon, but feel free to email me with any specific questions you have and I can forward photos in the interm.

      We slept in sleeping bags and waterproof bivvy bags (no tents) so we could look up at the stars … the silence was incredible, and the only thing you could hear were the sounds of Antarctica – thundering of icebergs splitting off, the occasional splash of a Humpack whale as it made it’s way through the glass water. Incredible views to wake up to as well.

      It was a wonderful experience, and we actually got to camp on the continent itself which was great – some tours do their camping on the islands a bit further north.

      Shoot me an email at any time if you have specific questions :)

  61. Have been following your adventures closely! Looking forward to read more about Antarctica Adventure! WHAT A DREAM COME TRUE!

    Well done guys, such a great trip!

    • Thanks Telma! I’m almost finished writing a post about the adventure, it’s taken me a couple of weeks to organize how to put something this immense into words!!

      Should hopefully be publishing within the next couple of days – watch this space on our Antarctica destination page!

    • I can only imagine how much work you are putting into it! Whoo hoop…Looking forward to it!

  62. This report on Chimu is rubbishy, just self serving crap. Chimu flies under the radar because they are incompetent and quite happy to screw their customers. And I am one of many. Just check out all the “independent” reviews of Chimu … there are next to none. Of course there will be sweet reviews on the Chimu web site and with all their friends and staff who write for lovely sites like this one.

    Antarctica IS fabulous. And it is great to go with a decent travel company, just not Chimu

    • Hi Brian, we are an independent blog who took a Chimu cruise, and had a wonderful time. Speaking from our experience, and that of the 100 others on our cruise, we can recommend the company whole heartedly.


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