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The day after Disney we went …to Disney!  Once again we somehow managed to avoid the Disney crowds!! Having purchased a two day pass we headed to Epcot for our second day!  After having caught the hotel shuttle in the day and night before we drove instead…this way we werent waiting, squashed against psycho children or stuck with screamin babies for 45 minutes!!  Epcot is built into two ‘worlds’…future world and the World showcase.  You probably would recognise the entrance…a giant golf ball rising out of the Horizon.

Entering Epcot!

We made our way through some interesting rides and attractions, only really two stood out though; Soarin’ and the Test Track.  Soarin’ is a serene, multisensory attraction that simulates a peaceful hang-gliding flight over California. We experienced the feeling of free flight from 40 feet in the air while surrounded by scenic panoramas including the Golden Gate Bridge, Malibu and LA…and we flew first class! On arriving at Soarin the Express Pass (where usually you grab a ticket and come back an hour and a hald later to skip the queues) was a 6 hour wait!  Popoular ride!!

However while we were waiting and staring at the time, then our watches, then the line a gentleman approached us and offered us a first class ticket to soarin!!  The staff apparently once every few hours pick nice looking people at random to escort out the back of the building and take straight to the front of the line, who also get front row centre seats on the attraction!!  I was hitting Mike on the tour of the back of the building to shut up while he was asking what the catch was!!  No catch!!  We got a lovely certificate signed by all of the staff as well as an announcement over the speakers congratulating us on our engagement and on being upgraded to first class!!!

Then we moved onto the test track!!  At 60 miles per hour no idea what that is in kilometrres, but the Highways here are around 50 so it’s FAST!!), Test Track is a high-octane thrill ride in which riders are automotive test subjects braving unpredictable terrain-including an environmental chamber and 50-degree curves!   Mike said it was almost like I was driving the car!!  Walking through the Worldhowcase was a treat – and it’s literally that – a showcase of the World where each Country puts on resturants, shows, shops with native employees…sadly there was no Australian showcase, however we did eat lunch in China, shop in France, grab gelato in Italy and get lost in Morocco!! Apparently they have trouble blocking the sun in Mexico…!!!

Mexican hat is bigger than I am!

We spent the evening back at the hotel, wondering through the safari checking out the African animals before sauntering back to the park around 9pm to eat dinner in Germany and watch the 9.30pm fireworks display.  The night ended with a bang!!

Epcot Fireworks Display!

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