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Earlier this month we established that starting a travel blog was a great way to make money while traveling the world. But what about other options for those not drawn towards blogging? Luckily, there are endless possibilities today for making money online and working remotely from absolutely anywhere in the world. You’re only limited by your imagination!

Ever thought about writing and selling digital travel guides? 

Blogs are fantastic for inspiration, entertainment, and planning and research before your trip, but when you’re out there actually traveling, out there in the middle of a city, what people really want is a travel guide. Short, sharp and to the point information about events, restaurants, attractions, and local secrets, all packed into a concise, well designed guide.

And, now that technology has completely re-defined the way we travel, digital guides can be accessed quickly and easily from your smartphone, tablet or kindle meaning you’re no longer hauling heavy guides around city centres.

Travel guides in the palm of your hand!

Travel guides in the palm of your hand!

So when Barbara Matteson of Buggl got in touch about a new digital guidebook start-up, I wondered why I hadn’t started creating guides earlier. Since realizing how great the platform is for creating travel guides, I have already completed three of my own.

The platform is incredibly simple and easy to use, and buggl takes care of all of the design so you can focus only on creating great content. Within minutes you have a beautiful and unique travel guide which you can easily share via social media or price on their website or your own. It’s a great way to make money while sharing your travel knowledge. 

The pricing is left completely up to you. You can choose to make your guide free for everyone to download, or you can attach a price you deem reasonable for sharing your knowledge. Within 3 days I’ve already sold 3 guides. Admittedly, the guide book which has sold has been the free download for “48 hours in Hobart, Tasmania”, but I’m excited regardless that people want to download something I have created.



48 Hours in Hobart Tasmania – Free Download.

One of Australia’s oldest capital cities, Hobart combines the old with the new. A cosmopolitan city boasting colonial style architecture, set in between striking mountains and natural valleys, Hobart is a mecca for history buffs, nature lovers, and adventurists/thrill seekers.

With it’s seaside location, Hobart offers foodies a mouthwatering selection of local produce, and boasts some of Australia’s freshest seafood. Wine lovers are also drawn here to sample produce from the surrounding regions.

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48 Hours in Canberra, Australia – $2.99 Download.

Canberra may not be at the forefront of Australian tourism, but it should be! With an amazing array of national attractions, museums, historical sites, and natural wonders, Canberra is filled with all types of fun.

From ballooning and bushwalking, to culture, history, indigenous heritage, politics, art, sport, flora and exotic fauna, you’ll never want to leave! So pack your walking shoes and your sense of outdoor adventure, you’re about to fall in love!

Travel to Canberra during Spring (mid September – mid October) and take in Floriade – Australia’s annual celebration of Spring and a world class floral festival which includes exhibits of over a million blooms as well as horticultural workshops, music, local artistry, and amazing nightlife events.

Public transportation in Canberra is quite efficient and easy to use, and the main attractions are within walking/cycling distance from each other.

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How to Cram 48 Hours into Sydney, Australia – $4.99 Download.

Everyone knows Sydney – it’s Australia’s favorite and most famous city. But do you know the REAL Sydney? They Sydney which lies beyond the Harbor Bridge, Bondi Beach and the Opera House? Purchase this guide to read about Sydney’s wonderland of National Parks, forest mountains, coastal walks, unknown monuments and historic riverside towns. 

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 About Megan Claire

Megan is an Australian Journalist who has been travelling and blogging around the world for the last 7 years to inspire others to embark on their own worldwide adventure!  Her husband Mike is an American travel photographer, and together they have made the world their home.

Follow their journey on FacebookGoogle+ and Twitter.


    • No worries at all! Hope you find some inspiration to create some of your own!

  1. Like this post a lot! This is something I am very much looking into.

    • Thanks Stephen! Definitely check it out – plus, I figure I’ve created one for my hometown so that when relatives and friends come to visit and ask what there is to do I’ll just shoot an email with a guide attached 😀

  2. This is very timely as I was just looking at this site yesterday!! I was tempted to try one but the registration form wasn’t working. I do wonder how it will work if lots of people get on board and it just becomes a race to the bottom price wise, but it is an interesting concept.

    • Definitely head back; hopefully the registration is fixed by now. It’s an awesome platform and I can really see it taking off – it’ll be interesting though – as you said, once competition starts getting more fierce with more authors, prices will probably start dropping pretty quickly.

      Right now I’m going off the idea of making guides for popular destinations free, and charging for information on more unique locations. Which is kind of the opposite to how I’ve priced my three guides above, but I’m thinking that’s probably a better way to go about it. Lol planning out a business strategy while I type 😀

  3. I hadn’t even considered doing anything like this before but it’s a really interesting concept. I might give it a go! Thank you for sharing!

    • Glad we could inspire new ideas! Happy writing 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing , Meg. I’ve already downloaded your Hobart guide, partly to remind myself of what a wonderful place it is and partly to see what the guides are like as this is something I’ve been considering for a while now. I really like the design (and great content, of course!). Do you hand over copyright to them?

    • Hope you enjoy the Hobart Guide – it really is an amazing city! The design is awesome and it’s all set for you. You maintain the copyright for your content and photographs.

      “Photographs you upload are yours, you own them, we don’t. We won’t sell, license or share them out.”

  5. Thanks for sharing Megan! Am downloading your Hobart & Sydney ones. I’m actually in the process of working on a guide but haven’t determined what platform to use yet. Can you transfer what you create to sell on Amazon or other venues too? Or are you locked into only selling them on Buggl?

    • Thanks Christine! Hope you enjoy the guides 🙂 I think we were just chatting in one of the FB forums about transferring the guides to Amazon. Buggl doesn’t retain any exclusive rights over the content or photographs in the guide, so from what I’ve read you’re more than welcome to put them up across various platforms.

      Might be easier to save the content in a word document though, I’m not familiar with the ebook process on Amazon, but someone earlier mentioned it was difficult to copy across the design aspects. You get the PDF from Buggl though so there’s nothing to stop you from uploading the doc and selling them via your own website 🙂

    • Hi,I’m just jumping in here because I was reading through the Buggl T&C earlier and my understanding was that although the author retains cooyright, you grant them irrevocable licence to sell and use the content even if you later remove your name from a guide. You are also forbidden from selling the guide as compiled using their service on any platform that hasn’t been arranged via Buggl. So you can’tsell your guide on Amazon in that format but you can repackage the content to createa new ebook or whatever to sell elsewhere.

      I am more than happy to be corrected if I have misinterpreted the info…

    • Thanks for clarifying Julie 🙂 Makes sense as it’s their design. Saving the content to repackage at a later date for a different platform would then be the way to go.

      Thanks for looking into it 🙂

  6. Very interesting! Thanks for letting us know, Megan! We will definitely look into this 🙂

    • Glad to help out! Happy writing 🙂

    • Sharing is caring! Have a great weekend 🙂

  7. Thanks everyone for the great comments, I founded Buggl and I would welcome you all to check it out! We built this product so people could easily share their knowlege about where they live and travel to, there is nothing I would be happier by if you all received value from the amazing travel guides and the authors like Megan who write them. -Derek

  8. Travel world is becoming more and more resourceful these days. Great! Thanks for sharing this info. 🙂

    • It really is – so much information and opportunity out there nowadays, and really awesome to see so much creativity and originality in new ideas which are redefining our industry!

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