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We are regularly contributing to other blogs, magazines, and media outlets, and are proud to have obtained a number of media mentions and accolades. Use the below tabs to find our most recent freelance work, articles on other sites, and interviews. You can also find collaborations we take part in, podcasts and awards.

Please contact us to organize an interview, take part in a collaboration, or inquire about our freelance services. 

December 5 2018: Client: International Expeditions

26 Things You Should Know Before Traveling to Iceland

October 29 2018: Client: Zegrahm Expeditions

The Oberammergau Passion Play: A Once-In-A-Lifetime Event in Bavarian Germany

October 26 2018: Client: Zegrahm Expeditions

Is Myanmar Safe for Travel?

October 15 2018: Client: International Expeditions

Outdoor Adventures in Lake Myvatn, Iceland

October 1 2018: Client: Matador Network

9 Outdoor Adventures to Have in and Around Tucson, AZ Before You Die

July 18 2018: Client: Zegrahm Expeditions

Why Now Is The Best Time For An Antarctic Cruise

June 28 2018: PECB Inights Magazine (pages 38-43)

How to Maximize a Weekend Stopover in Hong Kong

May 14 2018: Client: Hotspot Shield

5 Things You Need to Know When Traveling to China

May 25 2018: Client: Hotspot Shield

5 Things You Should Never Do at an Airport

May 9 2018: Client: Hotspot Shield

How to Protect Yourself Against Cyber Crime When Traveling

April 6 2018: Client: Hotspot Shield

6 Ways to Stay Safe While Traveling Solo

February 27 2018: Client: Green Global Travel

10 Awesome Australian Road Trips for Your World Travel Bucketlist

February 13 2018: Client: Green Global Travel

Top 10 Australian National Parks for Your World Travel Bucketlist

December 30 2017: Client: AMEX Essentials

The 2018 Trend Destination Hotlist

November 9 2017: Client: Zegrahm Expeditions

Tips for Surviving a Long Layover

June 8 2017: Client: Stalletto Magazine

Singapore: Exploring the World’s First City in a Garden

June 6 2017: Client: Zegrahm Expeditions

The Best Japanese Islands to Explore

May 20 2017: Client: Skyscanner

Essential Europe for First Time Travellers | 2 Weeks in Europe

May 17 2017: Client: Covermore

48 Hours in Buenos Aires

May 17 2017: Client: Chimu Adventures

The Things that Surprised Me Most about Antarctica

May 14 2017: Client: Chimu Adventures

What Kind of Travellers Visit Antarctica – Is This You?

May 11 2017: Client: Chimu Adventures

Polar Plunge in Antarctica – The Ultimate Polar Experience You’ll Never Forget

May 9 2017: Client: Covermore

Things to do in Antarctica When you Travel on an Expedition Cruise

April 20 2017: Client: Zegrahm Expeditions

Is Travel Insurance Worth It? To Purchase, Or Not To Purchase

April 18 2017: Client: Covermore

48 Hours in Santiago

April 12 2017: Client: Covermore

The Wildlife of Antarctica: Incredible Animals Travelers Can Expect to See

March 29 2017: Client: Zipcar

Pushing Boundaries: Why I Travel the World, And You Should Too

December 20 2016: Client: Flight Network

5 Must-Visit Christmas Markets in Europe This Year

December 14 2016: Client: Marriott Traveler

12 Hours in Vienna with Megan and Mike Jerrard

December 12 2016: Client: Discover Corps

10 Things To Do On Australia’s Gold Coast

November 20 2016: Client: Marriott Traveler

12 Hours in Singapore with Megan and Mike Jerrard

October 19 2016: Client: Marriott Traveler

5 Places in Panama City to Bring out Your Wild Side

October 9 2016: Client: Marriott Traveler

Craving Alone Time With Your Love? Top 5 Ways to Escape the Crowds in Venice, Italy

October 2 2016: Client: Marriott Traveler

Megan and Mike Jerrard Circled the Globe for Romance. You Can Too

July 16 2016: Client: Green Global Travel

Top  Things to Do in Iceland

June 9 2016: Client: Matador Network

Whale Hunting in the Faroe Islands has Received a Bad Reputation. But Here’s What Social Media is Getting Wrong

June 1 2016: Client: Destination Gold Coast

Glamping on the Gold Coast

May 4 2016: Client: Matador Network

Dear Travelers to Australia: Please Don’t Come Visit Until You’ve Understood These 6 Things

May 11 2016: Client: Destination Gold Coast

Top 5 Adventure Activities on the Gold Coast

April 13 2016: Client: Matador Network

7 Myths About Australia That Americans Get Wrong

March 11 2016: Client: Elite Daily

14 Pieces Of Travel Advice Everyone Gives, But You Should Never Take

January 13 2016: Client: Green Global Travel

10 Australian National Parks For Your World Travel Bucket List

December 20 2015: Client: Green Global Travel

Countries that Don’t Celebrate Christmas

October 29 2015: Client: Green Global Travel

The World’s Most Colorful Beaches For Your World Travel Bucketlist

October 4 2015: Client: Green Global Travel

Avenue of the Giants: Scenic Drive Through California’s Redwood Trees

September 13 2015: Client: Green Global Travel

Photo Gallery: Alaskan Wildlife Conservation Center

August 13 2015 Client: Green Global Travel

Rapa Nui National Park: Easter Island Facts & Photos

July 12 2015. Client: Green Global Travel

Photo Gallery: Bolivian Amazon Wildlife

May 10 2015. Client: Green Global Travel

Australia: Tasmanian Devil Conservation on Maria Island

April 16 2015. Client: Green Global Travel

45 Going Green Tips for Travelers this Earth Day

March 16 2015. Client: Green Global Travel

10 Amazing Caves for your World Travel Bucket List

 July 2014. Client: Girl Gone International

8 Tips For Successful Romance on the Road  Article Cover Page

January 2014. Client: INsite Atlanta

The World’s 10 Best Ethical Travel Destinations for 2014 

August 2011. Client: Hej Jam – a Magazine for World Scouts

International Service Team Enjoy Opening Party

August 2011. Client: Hej Jam – a Magazine for World Scouts

Live Transmission

August 2011. Client: Hej Jam – a Magazine for World Scouts

Jamboree’s of Past, Present and Future 

August 2011. Client: Hej Jam – a Magazine for World Scouts

The IST Experience

Editor of Hej Jam

In 2011 Sweden hosted the 22nd World Scout Jamboree.  As Editor in Chief of the Official Jamboree Magazine, my team of 50+ staff distributed a bi-lingual magazine to over 40,000 participants and volunteers every second day.

Download PDF versions of the magazine:

Public Speaking:

St Clares College Canberra 2017

Journalism Career Pathways & Travel Journalism

Travel Bloggers Exchange Asia Pacific 2016

Challenges and Opportunities of Blogging in the Asia Pacific

Adventure Speaker Series by Wellfit Institute & Lululemon Athletica

How to Make Adventure Travel a Lifestyle on Any Budget

December 20 2016 on Flight Network

5 Must-Visit Christmas Markets in Europe This Year

April 3 2016 on Guide Advisor

#GuideStories Chapter 2 – Meg & Eloy

February 16 2016 on Loqules

5 Rad Swimming Holes With Mapping Megan

December 18 2015 on Travelwith2ofus

While Life Has No Assurance, Have Peace Of Mind With Travel Insurance

November 28 2015 on Los Gradys in Mexico

How to Travel Safely in The Face of Terrorism

September 23 2015 on Try Something Fun

Where to See Icelandic Horses in the Wild

August 2 2015 on The Blazing Nomad

Most Amazing Hiking Trails of South America

March 31 2015 on Travel with Books

I Grew my Boobs in China” by Savannah Grace

March 20 2015 on The Legendary Adventures of Anna

The Most Stunning Road You Have to Drive in Australia!

January 28 2015 on Green Global Travel

10 Incredible Iceland Waterfalls

December 22 2014 on North & South Nomads

Iceland Explodes with Color

December 7 2014 on Green Global Travel

ECO NEWS: Faroe Islands Whale Hunting- Culture vs. Conservation

December 4 2014 on One Modern Couple

Visiting the Faroe Islands with Mapping Megan

November 30 2014 on PS I’m On My Way

Dear Girls of the World: Travel Won’t Affect Your Career

October 9 2014 on Null n Full

Top High Adrenalin Activities in Ireland

October 2 2014 on Nomadasaurus

Overland Australia Travel Experience

July 17 2014 on Contended Traveler

Outside my Front Door

April 26 2014 on My Travel Affairs

Friday Lens Affair: Pelican in Florida

March 28 2014 on Travel Dudes

Never Leave Your Bag Unattended

January 31 2014 on The Berkshire Blog

The Land Of Waterfalls

January 15 2014 on The Berkshire Blog

If You Go Down to the Woods Today

January 13 2014 on Flavours of Italy

A True Italian Pizza Experience

January 5 2014 on We Said Go Travel

Traveling as a Single Woman in Dubai

December 21 2013 on The Planet D

Escape from Civilization and Discover Australia’s Maria Island

December 20 2013 on Green Global Travel

Eco News: World’s 10 Best Ethical Travel Destinations for 2014

December 5 2013 on

A Weekend in Hobart, Tasmania

November 16 2013 on

Why Volunteering Abroad is my Favorite Way to Travel

November 10 2013 on Travel Bucket List

Creating a Travel Bucket List

November 9 2013 on Wodara

Live a Modern Day Fairy Tale

October 27 2013 on Top 10 Things to…Eat. See. Do.  Everywhere.

Top 10 Things to Do in Savannah, Georgia

October 22 2013 on The Travel Tart

The Baboon Facts Photo Story!

October 16 2013 on Green Global Travel

PHOTO GALLERY: Serengeti National Park Wildlife Safari

September 13 2013 on INTO Higher

6 Tips for an Amazing Study Abroad Experience

September 7 2014 on BBM Live

Discover the Northern Territory At Your Own Pace

August 29 2013 on Roots Traveler

6 Spectacular Hikes in Australia

August 6 2013 on Wanderlusters

From Paralegal to Perpetual Wanderluster

July 15 2013 on Catherine Broughton

Aboriginal Art

June 16 2013 on Women Travel

Traveling as a Single Woman in the UAE

June 9 2013 on Suitcase Stories

Photo Essay: The Australian Outback

June 9 2013 on Carpe Travel

Find Inspiration – NOT Fear

June 3 2013 on True Nomads

Vanuatu – So Much More Than a Decadent Escape!

May 28 2013 on Suitcases and Sippycups

What’s in my Suitcase

May 26 2013 on Book a Suite

Insider Tips: Charming Your Way into Hotel Upgrades

May 18 2013 on The World Wanderer

A Costa Rican Adventure

May 6 2013 at Suitcase Stories

People of the World Photo Essay 

November 6 2019: Travel Far Enough

Digital Entrepreneur Interview Series: Meg Jerrard

August 31 2019: David’s Been Here

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Megan Jerrard of Mapping Megan

July 18 2019 on Project Unthethered

“Escape the Rat Race” Case Study: Meg Jerrard

August 19 2018 on Jetset Bunny

World Traveller Megan Jerrard Talks Travel

June 15 2018 on Explore With Erin

Nomad No More: Craving The Mundane

January 18 2018 on Mentor Travel

Hang On To Your Seat Our Interview with Mapping Megan is Wild!

November 7 2017 on Currency UK

Why 2018 Is The Year To Take The Plunge And Emigrate

July 26 2017 on Jovago

Meet The Beautiful Megan. A Travel Blogger Who Got Kissed By A Giraffe

June 21 2017 on Polka Dot Bride

The Polka Dot Travel Lounge With Mapping Megan

June 15 2017 on Live Each Adventure

Top Travel Bloggers Answer Your Questions

May 16 2017 on 203 Challenges

Inspiring travel bloggers: Megan Jerrard from Mapping Megan

May 14 2017 on Rudderless Travel

Mapping Megan’s World

April 12 2017 on Living La Vida Global

The Quick 6 with Meg from

March 8 2017 on Trip Push

I have a passion for travel and worldwide exploration

February 17 2017 on Cooperatize

Cooperatize Bloggers’ Corner – Mapping Megan by Megan Jerrard

January 12 2017 on PureVPN

Interview with Megan of Mapping Megan

November 29 2016 on Wanderly

All Around the World with Mapping Megan

October 19 2016 on Glamping Hub

Blogger Spotlight: Megan

October 7 2016 on

Meet the Freelance Writer: Megan Jerrard from Mapping Megan

August 8 2016 on

#ITravelFor meets Megan&Mike: “My dream destination is the Moon”

August 5 2016 on Travel Writing 2.0

Get to Know Megan Jerrard of Mapping Megan

May 17 2016 on Envigo

Expert Speak with Megan Jerrard: Brands and Blogger Collaborations

February 2 2016 on Glamping Hub

Guest Spotlight: Megan of “Mapping Megan”

January 18 2016 on Travel Notes & Beyond

Interview with Meg Jerrard of “Mapping Megan”

December 28 2015 on Product Peel

Travel Blogger’s Cannot-Live-Without Item

December 15 2015 on The San Diego Lifestyle

Meet Megan Jerrard of Mapping Megan

September 30 2015 on Blaze Your Own Adventure

Mapping Megan Travels the World (..and still has time for you!)

September 16 2015 on Vroomvroomvroom

Vroomvroomwroom Interviews Megan of

July 10 2015 on Limitless Pursuits

Mapping Megan: the life of a serial blogger and travel junkie

June 1 2015 on JJ Caprices

Savvy Traveler Q&A: Bolivia with Travel Blogger, Meg Jerrard

May 12 2015 on City Style & Living

What’s the Best Way to Connect with Locals When Travelling Abroad?

May 4 2015 on Coupon Pal

Interview With A Travel Expert: Megan Jerrard

March 30 2015 on Backstreet Nomad

Easter Island With Megan Jerrard | The Nomad Files

March 30 2015 on Copypress

Creative Spotlight: Rebecca Metz, Megan Donoghue, and Brian Lang

March 15 2015 on Culture Shock Toolbox

Adventure Series: Mapping Megan

March 10 2015 on

Reisewörtliches von Profis (23)

February 12 2015 on AXA Australia

AXA chats travel with Mapping Megan

December 5 2014 on Arielicas

Meet Mapping Megan the Travel Blogger 

December 4 2014 on Olielo

Mapping Megan Talks Luxury Hotels

October 21 2014 on Peanuts & Pretzels

Love of Travel – Keeping up with Mapping Megan

October 8 2014 on Global Lipstick

GL Travel Rock Star: Meg Jerrard

September 24 2014 on Travel Genes

How To Travel As A Couple Without Killing Each Other – The Mapping Megan Way

August 16 2014 on Karolina Patryk

Interviewing Megan from Mapping Megan on Travel

July 23 2014 on The Gift of Travel

The Gift Of Travel – Interview with Mapping Megan

July 2 2014 on McCool Travel

5 Minutes with Megan Claire of Mapping Megan

June 27 2014 on Johnny Jet

Travel Style – Meg Jerrard

May 21 2014 on Travel Blogger Interviews

Interview With Travel Blogger Megan Claire Jerrard

May 2 2014 on Turtles Travel

Food For Thought With Mapping Megan

May 1 2014 on Don’t Stop Livin

World Travelers: Megan Claire AKA Mapping Megan

April 11 2014 on Where is Your Toothbrush

Two Toothbrushes: An Interview With Mapping Megan

 January 31 on Nomad Wallet

How Meg Affords To Travel: On Working 2 Jobs & Occasional Debt

January 10 2014 on Roo Around the World

Featured Travel Blogger: Mapping Megan 

December 21 2013 on Turnipseed Travel

Save, Splurge, Steal: Talking Value with Megan from Mapping Megan

December 1 2013 on Flip Nomad

Meet the Nomads

November 1 2013 on The Fly Away American

Fly Away with Megan Claire

October 6 2013 on Travel with Bender

Living the Dream: Do What Makes You Happy!

September 18 2013 on Divergent Travelers

Traveler Time Out: Mapping Megan

June 28 2013 on AfterGlobe

Prepare to Travel with Megan Claire

May 6 2013 on True Nomads 

Inspiring Traveler – Megan Claire 

20 November 2019 on Huffington post

How To Travel With Friends On Different Budgets

18 October 2019 on Huffington post

How To Sleep Better On Planes

10 October 2019 on Huffington Post

23 Ways To Make Long Flights Less Miserable

December 15 2018 on McCool Travel

Absolutely Inspiring Places to Visit in 2019

November 3 2018 on Outside Nomad

Travel Safety Tips and Close Calls | Expert Roundup

October 20 2018 on Love Lust or Bust

The Ultimate Guide to the Most Romantic Destinations in the World

September 26 2018 on Canadian Affair

Discovering the Wildlife of the Canadian Rockies

September 21 2018 on The New York Times

September 5 2018 on Mighty Goods

How to Pack and Prepare for Studying Abroad

July 18 2018 on Mercedes-Benz South West

How to Avoid Driving Mistakes on Holiday

July 8 2018 on Teacake Travels

17 Fantastic Jobs You Can Do While Traveling To Make Money

June 7 2018 on Cruise 1st

Overcoming Travel Problems: Bloggers Share Their Best Stories

May 5 2018 on MightyGoods

13 Machu Picchu Experts Share Their Best Packing List Tips

May 5 2018 on Green Global Travel

The 13 Most Beautiful National Parks in Thailand

March 30 2018 on Taxidio

31 Travel Bloggers Tell Where To Go On Vacation

March 22 2018 on The Island Drum

Best of Singapore: 25 Travel Bloggers’ Top Picks

March 15 2018 on Red Pill Rebellion

Nomadic Lifestyle: 25 Digital Nomads Reveal Their Top Mistakes

March 13 2018 on Wyld Family Travel

Things to See and Holiday Places in Victoria Australia

February 20 2018 on Kentwood Travel

Travel Experts Reveal Their Top Tips for Visiting Dubai

February 19 2018 on Off at Everything

A Round Up of Travel Expert’s Safety Travel Tips

February 15 2018 on NTrippin

15 World Travellers Reveal Their Best Money Saving Secrets

February 10 2018 on

Things To Do At Sunrise In Sydney

January 26 2018 on The New York Times

A Beginner’s Travel Guide to Haiti, El Salvador and Africa

January 2 2018 on Journalist on the Run

40 Unique Things To Do in Iceland – An Adventure Lovers Paradise

December 30 2017 on Becky the Traveler

The Best Places to See the Northern Lights in 2018

December 29 2017 on VroomVroomVroom

Best Summer Destinations in Australia According To Top Travel Bloggers

December 23 2017 on Green Global Travel

How Mass Tourism is Ruining the Destinations Travelers Love

December 12 2017 on Explore With Erin

7 Startling Realities of Nomadic Travel

December 5 2017 on McCool Travel

Absolutely Inspiring Places to Visit in 2018

October 26 2017 on Second Hand Boxman

Guest Post Roundup: What’s One Thing You Never Travel Without?

September 18 2017 on Travel Moments in Time

Travel Bloggers’ Love Stories: Incredible, But True!

August 25 2017 on ROL Cruise

How to Pack for a Cruise Holiday

August 11 2017 on Fast Cover

Top Bloggers Share Their Travel Mishaps & Advice

July 22 2017 on A Hole in My Shoe

Amazing Train Stations From Around the World 

July 19 2017 on Giving Way

Experiential Travel: 40+ Travel Experts Weigh in on the Biggest Travel Trend

July 4 2017 on GoWonder

Learn from 20 Female Digital Nomads who Have Successfully Turned Their Passion into Remote Careers!

June 26 2017 on Wander With Jo

12 Pro Travel Bloggers Share Their Traffic Strategies 

June 20 2017 on Jovago

Budget Travel Tips By 40+ Travel Bloggers From Around The World

June 15 2017 on Pre Travels

Top Summer Destinations as Voted by Travel Bloggers

June 2 2017 on McCool Travel

Great Books to Read Right Now

June 1 2017 on My Work From Home Money

7 Successful Bloggers Share How They Would Start Over

May 27 2017 on Canyon Tours

8 Pro Tips for Beating the Heat at the Grand Canyon

May 22 2017 on TravlinMad

The Travel Writers’ Ultimate Guide To A London Heathrow Layover

May 1 2017 on Webjet

Bloggers Share Their Favourite International Destinations

March 28 2017 on Pre Travels

Top Spring Destinations: Travel Bloggers’ Favourites

March 19 2017 on Travel Photo Discovery

Top Adventure and Eco Experiences for 2017

March 12 2017 on The Savvy Globe Trotter

45 of the Best Travel Books That Inspire Wanderlust

February 27 2017 onTour Radar

We Rank 11 of Thailand’s Islands

February 20 2017 on Traveling Abroad

Favorite Romantic & Affordable Destinations Around the World

February 17 2017 on Where is Nikki

11 Stories of Random Acts of Kindness From Around the World

February 17 2017 on McCool Travel

Absolutely Inspiring Places to Visit in 2017

February 6 2017 on Gypsy Couple

32 Best Holiday Destinations for 2017

January 21 2017 on A Pair of Passports

The 18 Most Romantic Experiences in Europe

January 14 2017 on Frugal First Class Travel

How to be a Good Travel Companion: Everything You Need to Know

January 10 2017 on Pre Travels

Top Winter Destinations: Travel Bloggers’ Favourites

January 7 2017 on Casual Travelist

Where to Travel in 2017

January 4 2017 on Backpacker Banter

17 Travel Destinations for Your 2017 Bucketlist

January 4 2017 on Book All Safaris

Travel Bloggers Share Their Favorite African Countries for Safaris

January 4 2017 on Co-Working in the Sun

30 Digital Nomad Stories: How to Work Remotely & Travel the World

January 2 on You Could Travel

Travel Inspiration Part V

December 30 2016 on Marriott Traveler

Top Travel Influencers Share Where to Travel in 2017 (and Their Favorite Spots in 2016)

December 29 on Chronic Wanderlust

Travel Resolutions for 2017

December 29 2017 on Follow Me Away

Best Places To Visit In 2017 According To Travel Bloggers

December 28 2016 on Discover Corps

Top Sustainable Travel Destinations for 2017

December 20 2016 on Travel With Pedro

The Best Christmas Markets in Europe

December 15 2016 on The Hungry Partier

How to Make a Post Go VIRAL

December 12 on Every Steph

The Top 24 Ecotourism Destinations for 2017

December 12 on Divergent Travelers

34 Amazing South America Adventure Experiences

December 5 2016 on Wendy Wu

10 Facts About Vietnam’s Landscapes

December 1 2016 on The Huffington Post

Top Bloggers Share Inspiring Moments

November 30 2016 on Hydaway Bottle

How to Travel More Next Year: Advice from Travel Bloggers

November 27 2016 on McCool Travel

Favorite Travel Pinterest Accounts Selected by Travel Experts

November 25 2016 on Cheese Web

13 Top Christmas Markets Around the World

November 23 2016 on TourRadar

Why A Rhine Or A Danube River Cruise Should Be Your Next Adventure

October 30 2016 on Exploration Online

Your Most Mortifying Travel Hiccup

October 26 2016 on VroomVroomVroom

Best Christmas Destinations According to Top Travel Bloggers

October 24 2016 on Pre Travels

Top Travel Blogs : 76 Bloggers Share Their Favorites

October 18 2016 on The New York Times

5 Ways Social Media Can Help You Travel

October 17 2016 on Volunteer Guides

What To Know Before Volunteering Abroad: Advice From Expert Volunteers

September 7 2016 on Travel-Break

8 Couple Travel Blogs Share Tips for Couples Travel

August 18 2016 on The Huffington Post

6 Holidays You Need To Take Once You Hit 30

August 3 2016 on Air Charter Service

Legendary Treasures that Haven’t Been Discovered…Yet

July 20 2016 on The Huffington Post

5 Steps to Becoming a Digital Nomad

June 27 2016 on Tourlina

My First Time Traveling Solo

June 15 2016 on Grabr

Are You a “Barbie Savior”? How to do Voluntourism the Right Way

May 30 2016 on Webjet

Bloggers Share Their Essential Travel Item

May 16 2016 on TRAVO Blog

Top 21 Travel Do’s & Dont’s

April 24 2016 on Getting Stamped

7 of the Sexiest Places to Spend Valentines Day

March 20 2016 on Like Riding a Bicycle

What Weird Shit is in YOUR Pack?

March 6 2016 on Adoration 4 Adventure

Highlights of South America from Travelers

March 4 2016 on Canyon Tours

Expert Advice: 15 Travelers Share their Favorite Things to See or Do in Las Vegas

February 17 2016 on The Roaming Renegades

The Ultimate List of the Best Adventure Towns Around the World!

January 22 2016 on Getting Stamped

The Most Disappointing Travel Destinations From 2015

December 25 2015 on Breathe With Us

13 Iceland Highlights from Travel Bloggers

October 10 2015 on Travel Freedom Podcast

18 Travel Blog Monetization Methods from Successful Bloggers

October 10 2015 on Fly Eat Travel

20 Travel Bloggers share their Secret Places

October 9 2015 on Canyon Tours

11 Sights You Can’t Miss at the Grand Canyon, According to the Experts

September 13 2015 on Price of Travel

Best Cheap Destinations in the World According to 23 Expert Travel Bloggers

September 9 2015 on Adventures All Around

The Craziest Things Travel Bloggers Have Eaten

September 1 2015 on Travel With 2 Of Us

How do Experienced Travelers Cope With Layovers?

August 25 2015 on Webjet

Travel Bloggers Tell Us How to Save Money in Expensive Countries

July 20 2015 on Casual Travelist

Stylish Travel Clothes – No Longer an Oxymoron

May 8 2015 on Healthy Wealthy Affiliate

How to Get More Free Twitter Followers: 30 Pro Bloggers Reveal their 10k+ Tribe Growth Secrets (Expert Roundup+Contest)

April 1 2015 on Contented Traveller

Top Travel Bloggers Share Their Cheesiest Photos

March 14 2015 on Keep Inspiring Me

56 Travel Bloggers Reveal Their Best Bucket List Ideas

March 2 2015 on Once in a Lifetime Journey

5 Travelers Share a Moment Which Restored Their Faith in Humanity – Part II

February 25 2015 on John is Traveling

24 Stunning Natural Wonders in Europe

February 23 2015 on

30 Best Travel Hacks

February 20 2015 on Gr8 Travel Tips

Top Travel Blog Owners Share Their Most Favorite Destination

February 18 2015 on Almost Landing

Packing Light: 15 Tips for Travel Experts

February 10 2015 on Travel With Bender

A Rare Peek Into The Love Life Of 15 Top Travel Blogging Couples

February 8 2015 on I Am Aileen

For Traveling Couples: 15 Best Romantic Getaways From Travel Bloggers

January 26 2015 on Convene

89 Travel Experts Reveal Their Best Travel Apps

January 26 2015 on The Trusted Traveler

North America from Above – Part 2

January 20 2015 on Healthy Wealthy Affiliate

34 Expert Bloggers Reveal the Biggest SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2015

January 19 2015 on Rocky Travel Blog

Celebrating Australia Day 2015

January 16 2015 on Webjet

Travel Bloggers Reveal Their Most Unique Holiday Destination

January 9 2015 on Flights and Frustration

Why are Selfie Sticks Banned?

January 9 2015 on Almost Landing

Travel Inspiration For 2015

January 8 2015 on Open World Magazine

What’s On Your Travel Bucketlist for 2015? (Part 2)

December 30 2014 on Traveling Canucks

40 Epic Adventures by Travel Bloggers in 2014

December 16 2014 on Turquoise Holidays

Picture Perfect: Travel Photography From Around the Web

December 11 2014 on Backpack Diary

Travel Tips from Top Travel Writers Around the World

October 28 2014 on Goats on the Road

Must Try Meals Around the Globe

October 13 2014 on Webjet

Sydney Bloggers Choose their Favourite Things to do in Sydney

June 30 2014 on Globe Guide

Travel Talk – The Most Surprising Destinations

June 29 2014 on Carpe Travel

The Fourth of July Photo Essay

June 24 2014 on True Nomads

Backpacker Hacks – Travel Cheaper and Easier

March 8 2014 on Wanderlusters

Celebrating Women Who Travel

February 14 2014 on Wanderlusters

Valentines Tales From Top Travel Couples

December 22 2013 on Travel with MJ

Sunday Stories for December 22nd, 2013

November 28 2013 on

Gratitude of a Travel Writer

July 24 2013 on AfterGlobe

Favorite Beach Destinations

July 16 2013 on AfterGlobe

Favorite Animal Encounter

July 9 2013 on AfterGlobe

Favorite Places in Hawaii

July 3 2013 on AfterGlobe

Great American Roadside Attractions

June 14 2013 on Life Outside of Texas

Our Favorite Travel Photos

May 22 2013 on Suitcase Stories

A Guide to Accommodation Options

May 15 2013 at Suitcase Stories

Central America is Safe to Travel to! 

July 9 2019 on Travel Eat Explore Podcast

Chatting with Megan Jerrard of

March 24 2019 on The Study Abroadcast

Meg Jerrard Talks Studying Abroad

May 3 2018 Travel Writers Radio

Journalist Megan Jerrard On Freycinet Lodge’s New Eco – Pavilions

March 29 2018 on Travel Writers Radio

Professional Blogger Megan Jerrard on How to Make and Save $$$ 

October 24 2017 on Cape Talk Radio

Travel: Exploring Brisbane

August 18 2017 on Wide World Stories

WWS 001 – Megan Jerrard

June 2017 on Break Into Travel Writing

How to Get Huge Traffic from Flipboard with Meg Jerrard

October 2016 on The Travel Stories

Meg Jerrard on Long Distance Love

June 16 2016 on Open World Magazine

#87 How to Sustain a Travel Blogging Lifestyle with Meg Jerrard (@MappingMegan)

April 2016 on Food Fun Travel

Ep 016 Blog = Money. Mapping Megan on Sponsored Posts 

March 2016 on Our Peaceful Family

Ep 028 Creating Open Lines of Communication with Megan Claire

September 12 2015 on Comcastro

61: Mapping Megan Claire – Travel for a Living, Reality is Negotiable

February 4 2015 on The Daily Travel Podcast

Episode 187: Travel Blogging 101 With Mapping Megan

November 18 2014 on Travel Blog Breakthrough

Kilimanjaro, Doubletree and Social Media with Mapping Megan

May 25 2019 on Easy Planet Travel

The 25 Best Travel Blogs of 2019

May 24 2019 on Project Untethered

18 Travel Blogs That’ll Help You Escape the Soul-Sucking Rat Race

January 9 2019 by Webaroo

Top 10 Best Australian Travel Blogs to Get Inspired By!

October 8 2017 by The Smart Lad

Top Travel Blogs You Should Be Following in 2017

September 29 2017 by Global Goose

The Top Bloggers You Should Follow if You Want to Travel to Antarctica

July 5 2017 by Go Wonder

20 Female Digital Nomads who Have Successfully Turned their Passion into Remote Careers!

June 22 2017 by Continental Connisseur

5 Incredible Bloggers Who Inspired the Continental Connoisseur Blog

March 29 2017 by Asher Fergusson

Top 100 Travel Blogs For Serious Wanderlust in 2017

March 25 2017 by Gear Horse

Best Travel Guides for International Travelers

March 18 2017 by Discover Corps

20 Top Travel Bloggers on Instagram to Follow

February 27 2017 by Johnny Jet

Travel Instagrammer of the Week: Meg Jerrard

January 26 2017 by #ljo jlo

Aussie Travel Bloggers You Need To Be Following

January 18 2017 by VroomVroomVroom

Top Travel Blogs in the World

December 26 2016 by Our Family Reviews

25 Best Travel Instagrams to Follow in 2017

December 23 2016 by Cooperatize

How to Become a Million Dollar Blogger – The Best of 2016

December 2 2016 by Hello Travel

Top Couples Travel Blogs of 2016

November 7 2016 by Forbes

How To Travel The World As A Social Media Influencer

October 22 2016 by Points Guy

6 Travel Writers & Bloggers You Should Be Following on Instagram

October 25 2016 by The Standard

Way Over Yonder

October 17 2016 by

Best Travel Bloggers 2017

July 8 2016 by Travel Sauro

Top 25 Best Adventure Travel Blogs (and bloggers) to follow in 2017

July 3 2016 on Open World Magazine

The Top 30 Adventurers Under 30 in 2016

June 6 2016 by

Top Adventure Travel Bloggers You Must Follow for 2016

May 26 2016 by The Broke Backpacker

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