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About Us

Adrenalin junkies, and incredibly active travelers, we are Meg & Mike Jerrard, and have been blogging since 2007 to bring you the best in adventure travel from all over the globe! (We’ve even won a few awards for being a top adventure travel blog!)

From mountain biking “death road”, Bolivia, to skydiving over the Swiss Alps; bungee jumping in Costa Rica, boarding the world’s largest sand dunes, and summiting Mt Kilimanjaro; there is no mountain too high, and no fete too extreme!

And, we ensure our exploits are all incredibly well documented, providing you with fantastic photography and amazing HD video from each adventure, along with tips for how you can do the same!

We aim to inspire and bring out the adventure traveler in all of you!

How We Met

How we met is a bit of a fairytale actually!

Traveling solo and writing about the world since 2007, Mike had been traveling and photographing the world at the same time.  It was only a matter of time then, before we would bump into each other – after all the world is a pretty small place!  We finally crossed paths in Tanzania, Africa, back in 2010, and an amazing travel blogging team was born!

The one thing we love above all else are the reactions we get when we explain to people that he is from America, I am from Australia and we met in Africa; got married in Hawaii!  The stars must have been aligned! Click for a gallery of photos from our destination wedding.

About Meg

So I’m Meg, and I’m an Australian travel-a-holic. My husband Mike is an American adventurer/photographer with a passion for wildlife. He blogs at Waking Up Wild.

My first trip abroad was a high school exchange to Japan, however I didn’t contract the travel bug until 2007, when I took my gap year and spent 12 months working and traveling throughout the UK and Europe.

My gap year ended and I returned home to a “normal” life. I graduated University with a double bachelors degree in both Journalism and Law, though while studying I managed to cross 32 countries off my bucket list, seizing every opportunity to volunteer, study and travel overseas.  I worked full time while studying full time in order to finance my travel addiction!

I travel because I love living, and I truly believe that traveling the world has given me a more well rounded education than I have taken away from school and university.

This blog details our world-wide adventures and aims to give you the best tips and advice on travelling, volunteering, living, working and holidaying abroad…We haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on our list!!

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Random Fun Facts About Us

Megan was born in Tasmania, Australia, and her mission in life is to convince the world that Tasmanian’s are not inbred!  (A running Australian joke – Tasmania is the little island at the bottom of the country).

Mike was born in Minnesota, and after 22 years of living in intense snow, he finally escaped to Florida where the sun shines 360 days of the year! He lived in Florida for 10 years.

Megan wrote her University Honors paper on the ‘Implications of Gender Reassignment Surgery on Marriage in Australia’ which she found extremely interesting considering her passion for human rights.

Megan sings! – and not just in the shower!  She released a single last year called Electro God!

Mike seems to know practically everything about every living animal, plant and thing.  He is a walking encyclopedia on the outdoors!

Megan worked at McDonalds for 10 years.  TEN YEARS!  If she hadn’t taken a full year off in 2007 to go to the UK she would have been eligible for long service leave!

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